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Founded in 2010, MEGA WATER SPORTS are the pioneers who introduced to Langkawi guided jet ski tours. Passionate about the breathtaking nature of the Langkawi Archipelago, the owner spent more than half a year exploring the most beautiful spots, measuring low and high tides and detecting underwater rocks to determine the best routes, and design the perfect tours! The various options are rated based on difficulty: The  slow-paced, short distance ‘Three Island Tour’ is suitable for families with kids above four years. 

Most popular is the ‘Dayang Bunting Island Tour’ with a layover on the famous ‘Island of the Pregnant Maiden’, sightseeing around the spectacular limestone cliffs, and snorkeling off a deserted island. While no experience is required, adventurous spirit and a fairly good physical condition are recommended. Those looking for the thrill of speed will love the ‘Fishing Village Tour’ where experience and ability to jump 1 m waves are pre-requisites. Regardless of your choice, you will have the unique opportunity to experience close-up the exquisite beauty of the primordial limestone cliffs as you ride the waves among a myriad of tiny deserted islands.

Fully licensed and insured, the company adheres to international and local safety regulations, and limits as a personal precaution each tour to a maximum of 5 jet skis. Following the guidelines of responsible tourism, Mega Water Sports utilizes  environmentally friendly 4 stroke engines with nearly zero emission Sea-Do skis. They refrain from eagle feeding, and encourage guests to ‘take nothing but sweet memories, while leaving behind only their marks in sand whenever setting a foot on an island’. The friendly and well trained guides are fluent in English, and eager to share with you their knowledge about the unique rock formations, and indigenous flora and fauna, making sure that you have the time of your life!

Duration:       4 hours
Departure:     Pantai Cenang, beach behind Orkid Ria restaurant
Schedule:      9 am & 2 pm

Price:             Single            Couple sharing one jet ski  
Tour 1            500 RM         600 RM
Tour 2            650 RM         800 RM
Tour 3            700 RM         N/A

Non refundable deposit of 100 RM due at the time of reservation.
Private tours available upon request.

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