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After having lived on a big old Sailing Yacht, a 52 ft Cat for 7 years, and the last 4 years on a beach of langkawi, I finally settled down on this island.

This was 2008.

So what to do – la? 

What project could I work on that would be beneficial for the whole Island?

Then, I remembered the time when I changed the engines on my boat and tried to find someone who was interested in buying the old ones. I had to go and find the notice boards at the Yacht Club, the Pier Restaurant and Telaga Harbour. I should have gone to Rebak Marina too, but I was too lazy. I said to myself: "Why is it that this Island doesn not have a single communication tool?". That was when the idea of this website was born. 

I am Swiss, born 1945, star sign “Lion”….

During many years, I worked in different offices in Switzerland and Germany, and dreamed of 
owning my own big boat.

My time, to realize my dream, finally came in 1999, when I flew to Australia to find my catamaran.

And of course I made the biggest mistake one can do: I bought the first cat I saw, as it was a decent size and had a price I could pay.

But, I had no clue about boats….

Which left me in Australia with a 2 1/2 year repair cycle on my boat.  It was a 52 ft cat, ex Wharram design, with a huge superstructure. I fixed the boat and sailed it – with no prior experience of sailing – along the east coast of Australia, up to Darwin and later through Indonesia up to Langkawi.

This was in 2002.

The photo above was taken in front of  Kuah. (Please notice my perfect waterline :-)) 
I lived for 7 years on this boat, day and night – then, one day I discovered that the termites had started to eat it up.

The condition was bad and I didn't have the means to get it repaired professionally. 

And, for far too long, I had been kept busy running after all the things necessary to maintain the old boat. At this stage, the boat was about 35 years old and originally built as a 'one off' by an Aussie 'Boatbuilder' who didn't have much money and couldn't always afford the best quality material.

When I decided to free myself from this old beautiful junk - I sold it at a very cheap price. And yes, I told the buyer all the bad things. So that's how I became a "Langkawi land-lubber".

"Why are you here?" – I am often asked. And I say: "Because nothing disturbs me here." I didn’t choose Langkawi – the 'White Ants' of Langkawi worked hard to persuade me to stay. Through this change in my life I started to work on the Internet and a lot of new things opened up for me.

Currently I am engaged in 3 things:

- Co-running the Langkawi Gazette with Kamila Delart
- Working with people over the Internet (Skype). See
- and yes: I am building a new boat, simple but BIG....

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