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Founded by Irshad Mobarak, a passionate Naturalist who appeared in an array of documentaries on National Geographic and Discovery Channel,  JungleWalla Tours will bring you to hidden places, away from the typical tourist trails.  

With each guide having a special area of expertise from birds, through mangroves to medicinal jungle plants, you will enjoy extremely interesting and educational trips. With the truly extensive range of tours available, you will have no difficulty to find a program that matches your interest and fitness level. 

Junglewalla provides a variety of specialized experiences such as birding and wildlife photography tours not available anywhere else. Catering to families with kids, children enjoy preferential rates, and available is also a special trekking for families. To minimize the impact on environment and wildlife, and to ensure a personalized guest experience, the number of participants per tour is limited. Early bookings are therefore highly recommended.

Kayaking & Swimming Adventure

Kilim Mangrove Tour

Rainforest After Dark

Nature & Wildlife Photography

Bird Watching


Jungle Trekking     



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Duration 4 hrs

              4 hrs

                  4 hrs 

              4 hrs

              4 hrs

              2 days

              4 hrs

              8 hrs

              3-4 hrs






RM 250

RM 180 

RM 200

RM 450

RM 200

RM 750

RM 150

RM 300

RM 300






Children RM 150

              RM   90

              RM 100






per family