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Looking for the ultimate adrenaline kick? Take a leap of faith and zip across the canopy of a ten million years old rainforest - passing at exhilarating speed strangling figs, and spotting Dusky Leaf Monkeys and Great Hornbills as you glide between the jungle tree tops.

Established more than 10 years ago by a German nature enthusiast, Jürgen Zimmerer, and managed by his son, Ashraff, the Langkawi Canopy Adventures offer an exciting way to experience the jungle while assuring the highest safety standards with an excellent construction, top-notch gear, thorough instructions and hands-on training in abseiling. All you need is a fairly good physical condition and a daring spirit!

The adventure starts at the bottom of Gunung Raya, the island’s highest mountain. After a short hike through a nature park with a bubbling stream, you get to climb 716 stairs leading into the jungle.

Equipped with rock climbing, rappelling and zip-lining gear and harness, helmet and gloves in your size, you will climb trees, balance your way across a deep jungle gorge, plummet down rugged limestone rocks and zip-line through the air from 30 meter tall treetops all the way down to the jungle floor. An out-of-this world experience!


Adventure                                  Number of                     Duration                  Price
                                                  Participants                                                  per person


(suitable also for children
from 7 years above)                          2-  6                       2 hours                  180 RM 

FULL VERSION                                 2-15                       3 hours                  220 RM 

Make sure you wear suitable shoes. Backpack will be provided should you be unable
to bring your own. Bottle with drinking water is complimentary.

- Reservations minimum 24 hours ahead of time.
- Full name, passport number and nationality required
  upon confirmation for insurance purposes.
- Payment in cash to be made at the meeting point

Meeting Point:  Lubuk Semilang Parking Area 



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