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Beautifully landscaped, the Wildlife Park consists of an outdoor area and two indoor sections. Most spectacular is the canopied ‘Aviary’ with lush green bushes, wild orchids, tall jungle trees and waterfalls.  

Resembling a tropical paradise, the ‘Aviary’ is home to countless bird species that fly around or swim in a pond just as if they were in free nature.  Also the concept of the Wildlife Park is truly unique - encouraging visitors to actively interact with animals. Passionate about educating guests, there is a wildlife guide in each section. Should you prefer to explore the park on your own, a signage in English language will not only tell you what you need to know about each animal, but also provide instructions regarding its diet. So if you purchased a few tiny paper bags filled with various types of animal food, you can feed the adorable mouse deer with a piece of an apple, feel the pecker of a Macaw as he gently takes a peanut from you, or have countless colorful budgerigars assemble on your palm to enjoy a  feast of nutritious seeds.  Throughout the entire complex are posters with animal anatomy charts, and questions that will get you thinking: ‘Which bird can turn his head by 270 degrees?’ ‘How often does a Python eat?’ ‘Which animal has eyes larger than a brain?’ Not sure about the answers? Find out during the regular ‘Animal Talk Show’! With the Wildlife Park being home to more than 80 birds, reptiles and mammals, while featuring also a crystal gallery, and various shopping outlets, you can easily spend in this wonderful place the entire afternoon. 

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