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Looking for a way to experience within short period of time as many things as possible, preferably without breaking the bank?

Langkawi Duck Tours provide fun trips with an amphibious vehicle capable of driving on land as well as in the sea - so you get to enjoy in 45 minutes a sightseeing tour AND a ‘boat’ trip.

The route leads through a jungle where you can spot families of monkeys, along wetlands with hordes of grazing buffalos up to the picturesque Perdana Quay with a myriad of cafes and restaurants with Mediterranean flair.

When the versatile vehicle leaves the road and lands with a splash in the emerald green sea, your kids are sure to squeak with delight! But the trip has an entertainment value even for adults. Just imagine the incredulous glances you get as you pass with a ‘BUS' fancy boats and luxury yachts

As you circle around tiny man-made islands, the coastline offers enchanting vistas of the Telaga Harbour, a local fisherman village and the Mat Chincang mountain with a Cable Car on top. While the majority of passengers will savor the views and excitedly capture with their camera eagles that circle above their heads and on a lucky occasion even jumping dolphins, the highlight for Chinese guests is the rare energy spot next to the lighthouse where earth, air and water element unite to create a unique vibration. According to Feng Shui - whatever you wish for when passing this special place will turn into reality…

The interesting vehicle with hydraulic engine is made of aluminum. Extremely light, it floats with ease on the water surface, ensuring absolutely safety. For those who tend to worry - rest assured that each passenger wears during the trip an inflatable life jacket.

Duration: 45 minutes
Departure: Oriental Village - Car Park A
Schedule: 9 am - 7pm (weather permitting)

Adult 38 RM
Children / Seniors 22 RM
Kids below 4 years Free

Ticket Kiosk at Oriental Village Main Entrance Gate A
For private charter and group bookings enquire via email of phone, ideally 24 hours prior