About this Website

Short Term Promotion



When we place a BANNER for you - it will be on nearly
every page of the 'Langkawi Gazette'.


The BANNER links to your website - or to a place reserved
for you in the Langkawi Gazette.

The BANNERS are on the right or left side.
The BANNERS rotate, so each BANNER has the same
chance to come first on every page.
(On top of the other commercial BANNERS).

Example of a Banner:   Click on it



159 x 74 pixels, .jpg  or .gif  file
You can create your own BANNER or we will do it for you for free.
The creation of the Banner is free of charge.
We have at the moment stopped to put up new moving or sliding BANNERS,
as too many would slow down the download of the website for those
who open it for the first time.


A BANNER directs the CASUAL READER to where you want to have his attention on:
- your
own Website - or
- your
Directory Entry in the Langkawi Gazette - or
- your
Restaurant Report in the Restaurant Guide - or
- your Night Club Video in the Langkawi Gazette.

A BANNER is not a 'Business card'.
There is only VERY LITTLE space for text and the picture or drawing has to be very simple
to be well recognized in the small format.

Sometimes it is advisable to have 2 or 3 BANNERS, e.g. one that links to the RESTAURANT,
one to the Hotel and one to the Spa. (See Casa del Mar).

Control & Qualification:

We can give you the total Number of Impressions -
how many times your BANNER has been exposed to a reader.

At the moment this number is close to 400 000 times
for each Banner in the last year (2012).

We can also give you the exact
number of CLICKS that were made
on your BANNER - which means of course, how many times your Website
(or place in the Gazette) has been visited through the BANNER.

These two numbers - the times of exposure and the number of clicks,
give the
percentage figure of how many potential readers did in fact click on it.

This is called the 'CTR' or 'Click-Through-Rate'.

We can give you the 'CTR' for your Banner at any time.

Comparing the 'CTR' of a Banner with the 'CTR' of the BANNERS of some
of your competitors, can show, if your BANNER is effective or not.

If we have BANNERS for comparable Businesses, we can advise you on this
after your BANNER has been up for some time (a few months).


The cost of a BANNER for one year  is:     

        Normal size: 
   159  x     74 pixels        RM     460.00
        Double size:     159  x   150 pixels        RM     680.00  
        Triple size:        159  x   225 pixels        RM     980.00  
        4 time normal:  159  x   300 pixels        RM   1240.00  

Profitability: When does a Banner make sense financially ?

A Banner makes sense, when you sell 'quality products or services
for a substantial amount of money'.

If you have a normal T-Shirt shop - it does not make sense for you.

If you have a good quality western food restaurant - it could already make sense.

It might remember the one or the other to come and see you and to come again -
and to bring some friends with him, and if they like it, they too will come again and
bring their friends . . .

Any Extras - when we subscribe for a Banner?

Yes - for every BANNER you get a free Event Promotion