Top Ten Sport Bistro 

(Live Music, HotSpot)

Location: On the the half-island on which Bella Vista is on.

Things to know:
Can I enter without eating there? Yes
What is the price of a Beer?  RM 15.00 per glass
Happy Hour - 18.00 - 22.00   Buy one - free one
Dress Code: None  Casual  Smart-Casual  Formal

Entrance Fee: After Happy Hour the Entrance Fee is
RM 20.00 per person. This includes one free drink.

Opening Hours daily:     6pm - 3.45am         
Happy Hours: 6pm - 10pm.  Band starts: 11pm. 

Description of the place:
The place is a real night club with everything you would expect. The music of the band is VERY loud - no way to have a personal conversation :-) .  There have been police raids in the recent past - looking for drugs.

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Tropical Beach Bar  (ChillOut)

Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa Langkawi, Pantai Tengah
Tel: 04 955 1701

Things to know:
Can I enter without eating there? Yes / No
What is the price of a Beer? RM 9 per glass
Dress Code: None  Casual  Smart-Casual  Formal

Opening Hours (Daily): 11am - 12 midnight or 1am

Description of the place:
Overlooking the Beach, this is a relaxing place where you can lay down and enjoy a cocktail and some snacks by the seashore.

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Woodpecker KTV Lounge 

(Live Music, HotSpot) 

Bayview Hotel Langkawi, Kuah
Tel: 04 966 1818

Things to know:
Can I enter without eating there? Yes / No
What is the price of a Beer? RM12 per glass
Dress Code:  None  Casual  Smart-Casual   Formal

Opening Hours (Daily): 6pm - 2am         
Happy Hour: 6pm - 10pm
Band's Off Day: Monday
Band's Performance Duration: 9.15pm - 2am 

Description of the place:
The Woodpecker Lounge is conveniently located in the heart of Kuah Town. The place is not very big, has a corner with comfortable seats - but most of the place is occupied by simple round tables to stand around.
Staff and musicians are normally very friendly and treat you as a regular even if you are there for the first time. 
There is a voucher system to get your beer a bit cheaper - if you want to become a regular.

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Debbie's Corner in Pantai Cenang - Langkawi Gazette

Ecoo Adventure Tour with Stardust LangkawiMYSTERIES OF TIMES GONE BY


Advertorial by Kamila Delart

Enchanted by the amazing sunset cruise I recently enjoyed with STARDUST, I get really excited when I receive an invitation for a day cruise. It may not be my first day trip with a boat, but the ECO ADVENTURE DAY CRUISE with STARDUST seems pretty special: taking up seven hours, it is the longest cruise available in Langkawi, and with the boat being the only one leaving from the Kilim Jetty, we will get to explore the most beautiful part of the Langkawi Archipelago!


By Kamila Delart


Having travelled the world, I love exploring new places. Not that there is anything wrong with lazing around the pool and enjoying one’s favorite dishes while on holidays. After an annual work marathon, it may be just what one needs. But to me, visiting a new country is all about discovery!

Stardust Langkawi CharterSUNSET  VOYAGE

An advertorial by Kamila Delart

Being a writer, I find myself easily spellbound by an expression. By the images that come to my mind, stories that unfold - triggered by a single word.  So when I book a Sunset Cruise with STARDUST, I feel this magic raising within myself.  The dust of stars…  Sparkly, mysterious, promising  an out-of-this world experience…  

Boarding a speedboat, we depart from the Kilim Jetty, and follow the stream of the river, taking in the changing scenery. The colorful boats and lively atmosphere of the quay are replaced by a quiet dark of the surrounding mangroves, guarded by a fort of dense entangled roots. There is a couple of brown Mini Kites, nose-diving to catch a frog or maybe a small lizard.