About the Langkawi Gazette

Established in 2008, Langkawi Gazette was originally set up as a community platform. Developing her own dynamics, the site turned over time into Langkawi’s leading online magazine. Featuring Resort, Adventure, Spa, Restaurant, Shopping and Marine Guides, it is the most complex source of information about our island - attracting depending on season 12.000 to 16.000 readers monthly (July 2014).

Whether you are a traveler planning a trip to Langkawi, or a local or expat eager to stay abreast of the island’s new developments & happenings - we do our best to keep Langkawi Gazette authentic, relevant and up-to-date while providing the island’s entrepreneurs with a platform to feature their businesses.

Building a bridge between Langkawians and travelers from all over the world - we hope our online magazine makes a difference! If you have any suggestions how to further develop our website so that it serves you even better - we would love to hear from you!

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- for TOUR informations and BOOKINGS contact   zam.langkawigazette@gmail.com 

- for ADS and ADVERTORIALS: Kamila Delart at guides.langkawigazette@gmail.com

- for all else contact Mark at langkawigazette@gmail.com

Enjoy your holiday stay, and if a resident - take a moment to appreciate the mesmerizing beauty we are all surrounded by :-) .

Mark & Kamila