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In line with their Taoist philosophy, Amaya Spa recently launched ‘Oriental Acupressure Full Body Reflexology’ – an unique Detox Package incorporating traditional Chinese treatments.

The two hours program priced at 380 RM begins with a Tibetan herbal foot bath, and a brief stimulation of specific acupressure points on the feet that will activate the vital energy, Qi. Sitz Bath infused with the essence of pine needles rids the body of negative radiation stored within our cells due to frequent use of computers, cell phones and other electronic devises.

The body is warmed up with traditional bamboo sticks charged for hours in the sun, prior to the administration of ‘Gua Sha’, traditional Chinese detox technique: Scraping the skin surface with a buffalo horn, the therapist releases blood trapped in the peripheral capillaries, moving the bodily fluids towards the surface, so that they can be eliminated through the skin. The scraped areas display tiny red color dots called ‘Sha’- blood droplets saturated with toxins.

The program continues with a cupping treatment. The therapist positions up to 72 sterilized cups on specific acupressure points along the meridians. A small pump integrated in each cup creates a vacuum. The induced suction breaks down the accumulated toxins, and disperses stagnant Qi.

Drawing toxic blood to the surface of the skin can cause red marks, light swelling and bruising. The more toxins are stored in a specific areas of your body, the darker will be the marks around the corresponding acupressure points. Ideally, the treatment should be repeated until no marks are left - a reliable indicator that your body reached a toxin-free state.

The detox package concludes with a short Qi-Yoga exercise that will activate the 12 meridian channels, and with a delicious cup of a purifying Chinese herbal tea.

Although undergoing scraping and cupping treatment may be slightly uncomfortable, and it will likely take a few days for the marks and bruises to subside, both techniques are highly effective. Liberating your body from a toxic waste, you will experience a powerful boost in energy!

To obtain more information, and book an appointment,  contact AMAYA SPA.


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