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Ambassadors of a healthy and balanced approach to life, Four Seasons launched for the very first time a GLOBAL SPA WEEK.

One of the largest operators of luxury spas, Four Seasons created over the last 25 years a worldwide collection of beautifully designed spas reflecting the local flavor of each destination, and providing a dreamlike spa experience blending innovative treatments with indigenous healing practices.

To inspire people around the world to embrace a healthy lifestyle, and enhance the quality of their lives, Four Seasons provides during the Global Spa Week access to its global network of spa professionals. The ‘Curators of Calm’ - a panel of Four Season’s Spa Experts, shares in series of Global Spa Chats on Twitter their insights on latest spa trends from graceful aging, through treatments catering to the individual needs of men, to ways to quickly rejuvenate on your desk during a long work day.

Also Four Seasons Resort Langkawi actively participates in this unique spa event! Martin Hilton, the Senior Director of Spas Asia Pacific, who is based on our magical island, enlightened the eager tweet followers all over the world with valuable information about various types of massages, and their unique benefits.

As part of the Global Spa week, wellness journalists across the globe were invited to experience Wellness at Four Seasons first-hand. Being among the lucky invitees - I started my Tuesday with Ketenangan yoga, an unique class combining Pranayama breathing with meditation that fills one’s body with the vital energy, Prana. 

 After enjoying a fruit skewer with a delicious coconut dip in a dreamlike bale that ‘floats’ over the Reflecting Pond, I was escorted to the luxurious treatment pavilion with a private changing room, aroma-steam bath and luxurious multi-shower facilities to enjoy a traditional Urut Melayu Massage. I wished I could comment on the treatment in detail, but inhaling the soothing fragrance of sandalwood, frankincense and patchouli, and feeling the magical touch of my therapist gently sliding along my body, I drifted within a few minutes into a trance-like state of bliss. The day continued with a wellness lunch in the Serai Restaurant: assortment of savory entrees, catch of the day prepared with fresh herbs as main course… Delicious and yet healthy and light dishes, so that instead of lazing around afterwards, I could not wait to go for a swim in the beautiful pool overlooking the Andaman Sea. Uniquely designed with many small coves ensuring privacy, I completed my wellness day at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi sipping the scrumptious Mangroves Smoothie, watching the sunset slowly setting in, and wishing that this wonderful experience would never end…

If you are planning vacation on our enchanting island, the Four Seasons Resort Langkawi is certainly one of the most beautiful properties to stay at. However, outside guests are welcome!!! So even if you are staying at another resort – wellness experience at the Four Seasons Spa is something you should not miss!

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