Ayurveda Retreat in LangkawiAYURVEDA RETREAT

By Kamila Delart

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Continuously evolving, the ISHAN MALAYSIAN SPA recently introduced an array of ayurvedic treatments.

Ayurveda, the ‘Science of Longevity’, was developed in India more than 5,000 years ago, and is based on the philosophy that the world consists of five basic matters: space, air, water, fire and earth. These elements combine in pairs to form doshas (vata, pita & kapha), the three dynamic forces within our bodies. Any imbalance among them causes discomfort and potentially illness. Embracing a holistic approach to healing, all Ayurvedic treatments aim to restore the original harmony, preventing disease and effectively treating variety of conditions.

Upon your arrival, you will receive over skype a complimentary consultation. An experienced Ayurvedic Doctor will determine your dosha, identify any imbalance, and provide you with recommendations regarding suitable exercise, diet and herbal supplements that can be delivered to your home-country. He will suggest a course of ayurvedic treatments to address your health concerns. The treatment itinerary will be designed by the owner of ISHAN MALAYSIAN SPA, Dr. Baskaran Kosthi, who comes from a family of herbalists and yoga practitioners, has doctorate in Naturopathy, and was trained by Dr. Pratap Chauhan of Jiva Ayurveda in India. 

While experiencing individual Ayurvedic treatments will help you relax and activate the self-healing forces within your body, an ayurvedic retreat can make a true difference to your overall health and wellbeing:

The newly launched three days YOGA & AYURVEDIC RETREAT consists of Ayurvedic consultation, lecture about ayurvedic lifestyle, ayurvedic cooking class with subsequent lunch, and is complemented by Reiki healing, meditation and daily yoga sessions. Based on your individual needs as determined during the consultation, you will experience two of the following treatments:

Ayurveda Retreat Langkawi in Ishan SpaShirodhara – a calming stream of warm sesame oil poured in a slow motion across your forehead, combined with a gentle hair and scalp massage.

Udwarthanam – a body scrub utilizing a paste made from dry grain, medicated milk, oil and variety of herbs.

Abhyanga – a full body massage performed with abundance of warm sesame oil. Following circular motion with medium pressure, the treatment stimulates vital energy points called marmas.

Navarakili – application of poultices filled with medicated red rice dipped in warm milk

Potili – Application of herbal poultice dipped in hot sesame oil

Shiro Abhyanga – Ayurvedic head and shoulder massage.

Accommodation is arranged in the adjacent Ambong Ambong Retreat, a collection of beautiful airy villas surrounded by the lush green of a rainforest. The overall package is available from RM 1050 (twin sharing, weekday promotion).  Should you have booked your accommodation elsewhere, you are welcome to participate in the program only. Ayurvedic retreats for one or two weeks are available upon request.

For more information, visit the following website: www.ishan-spa-langkawi.com