By Kamila Delart

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When reading about celebrities enjoying lavish Spa rituals - do you catch yourself being a little envious? Instead of abruptly turning the page, or indulging in a fantasy of becoming a VIP one day, you could just book the ‘BESPOKE SPA TREAT AT THE DATAI’!

Planning to surprise my best friend, Brianne, who came to visit all the way from Canada ...

... I kept the details of the brilliant Spa Package to myself. So as a silver limousine pulls up to my chalet, the driver courteously opens the doors, and pours each of us a glass of champagne chilled to perfection, her facial expression is priceless! Enjoying the exquisite sparkle on our tongues, we lean back in the luxurious leather seats, and admire the changing scenery behind the windows, cheerfully chatting away. It wouldn’t be hard to get used to this lifestyle.

Some twenty minutes later, we reach the iconic Datai. Situated in a rainforest, with a dreamlike view of the Andaman Sea, the setting is spectacular! Our Mercedes Benz follows a narrow path framed by ancient giant trees, with luxurious villas hidden along the way in the dense green foliage. Arriving at the beach, we follow a jungle boardwalk all the way to the Spa. 

Enjoying a welcome drink at the Spa reception lounge, we listen to the description of the available treatments. They all sound amazing, so it is not easy to make up our minds. But in the end, Brianne opts for a traditional facial, while I cannot wait to experience the ancient Balinese massage.

Set along a silver stream that winds its way through mangroves, the open-air Spa villas have such a special atmosphere, we both agree that there is no need for any background music. Wise choice. Then once I close my eyes, the sounds of the surrounding nature I initially barely noticed become so prominent, they are an inseparable part of the unique experience. The calming hum of the ocean in the distance blends with the joyful melody of a purling creek. The leaves whisper in the afternoon breeze. Birds are chirping, and at some point, a cicada joins in, singing his love song to win the heart of his chosen one. 

I listen to the symphony of the jungle, inhale the refreshing aroma of ginger and lemon grass oil, and surrender to the loving touch of Eny, my therapist. Enchanting guests with her brilliant skills from the day the Spa opened 13 years ago; she is one of the most gifted therapists I ever encountered! Always a step ahead, she places across my chest and underneath my neck a heated towel before I even realize that the breeze is getting a little bit chilly. Her fingers unmistakably find the tense spots in my shoulders, gently working on the tender areas until even the most stubborn knots melt away. And there is something about the pace of the massage! Just a tick slower than usual - the unhurried motion makes her touch so present, I feel as if the entire world is revolving around my needs.

Far too relaxed to open my eyes, I don’t get a glance at Brianne’s facial. But overhearing her sigh in delight a few times, her therapist, Cathy, must be another miracle-worker.  When the therapists leave the treatment room so we can dress in privacy, we are both floating on cloud nine. So much so, it takes us forever to even attempt getting up. 

The Spa Datai LangkawiLuckily, the ‘Bespoke Spa Treat’ is far from over!  About to enjoy the signature Datai Afternoon Tea, we are escorted to a cozy seating area on the beach.

Tranquil and secluded, the Datai Bay has the most beautiful coastline on the entire island. So being able to enjoy the breathtaking view and serene atmosphere of this private beach is an experience in itself. I can tell, Brianne cannot wait to stroll along the shore. But with the afternoon tea just being served, that will have to wait.

The selection of the famous Ronnefeldt teas is extensive. Brianne orders nurbong Darjeeling, and I ask for the fragrant jasmine tea. Served on a three-storey étagère, there is a selection of artfully presented hors d'oeuvres from Scottish smoked salmon with cream cheese and dill, to chicken breast with horseradish and roast beef with grain mustard mayonnaise. Simply delicious! Having a sweet tooth, Brianne cannot resist the pumpkin seed financier, fruit tartlets and mango pudding. 

Beyond relaxed, we keep talking, not realizing how fast the time passes, until the sky above Datai Bay turns gold, orange and crimson. It’s such a spectacular sunset; we are reluctant to leave this breathtaking place.

Then again, it’s not as if we had to! There are two award winning restaurants at The Datai, and so we spontaneously decide to stay for dinner. And with a limousine ready to bring us safely home, we can even treat ourselves to a few cocktails to make the perfect day complete…

The ‘Bespoke Spa Treat at The Datai’ is available at 380 RM per person (or at 580 RM if you choose to enjoy two treatments).  With bookings for two, a Limousine transfer is included

For further enquiries and reservations, please contact The Datai at:  +60 4 9500 500 .