GeoSpa Four Seasons Resort LangkawiTHE TREASURES OF GEOPARK

By Kamila Delart

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Having spent in the Spa industry nearly twenty years now, I had the wonderful opportunity to experience the best Spas all over the world! Spoiled by the most exquisite rituals, it is not easy to take my breath away. But as I visited the Spa at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi a few months ago, I was enchanted! 

A breathtaking setting, tranquil ambiance, wonderful selection of treatments, every detail of the Spa journey fine-tuned to perfection...   Most of all, I remember the amazing therapists - their loving touch and genuine care.

The beautiful memories come floating back the moment I receive a phone call from the new Spa Director, Livia Reddington.  

Launch of a new concept?! I have a hard time to imagine that the brilliant experience from last time can be topped. Then again, there is only one way to find out. And so, only a few days later, I arrive at the new Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi.

Sipping a refreshing ginger elixir in a dreamlike bale that ‘floats’ over the Reflecting Pond, I flip through the new menu and before I reach the last page, I am in love! Honoring the earth’s heritage of Langkawi’s UNESCO Geopark, the new concept revolves around the core elements that allow life to thrive. Nourishment, water, light and air… The universal prerequisites of existence! For mangrove creatures as much as for humans…

Incorporating healing mud from mangroves, energy of primordial rocks and crystals, abundant water and indigenous rainforest plants, the menu is divided into four treatment series:

NOURISHMENT rituals aim to calm, nurture and ground, WATER treatments facilitate the flow of inner energies; LIGHT ceremonies illuminate the body, mind and spirit, and AIR rituals purify the body. What a wonderful idea to create a concept inspired completely by the abundant gifts of the surrounding nature! 

Escorted to one of the luxurious treatment pavilions with a private changing room, aroma-steam bath and luxurious multi-shower facilities, I learn that I will enjoy the FEMININE SPIRIT AND RADIANCE RITUAL. Part of the ‘Water Series’, the holistic ceremony aims to release, refresh and reconnect by bringing the fluids within my body into motion. 

The ritual begins with ‘Pengwapan’, an intimate herbal steam bath. Seated on a chair with a hole, I feel warm herbal cleansing vapor enter my body. April, my therapist, places lovingly her hands on my knees, asking me to close my eyes and relax as she connects with me on a spiritual level. I feel her warm hands and a tingling sensation traveling throughout my entire body. April washes my feet and as I continue enjoying my steam experience, she gently massages my neck and shoulders, unmistakably detecting the sore spots I get from bending over my laptop. What a relief!

In anticipation of a body scrub, I lay down on a massage table. Not necessarily a favorite treatment of mine, but the smooth silky skin revealed after rigorous rubbing with an abrasive mixture is worth it. Or so I think until I feel April’s tender touch. While the blend with Himalayan salt crystals, jasmine and rosehip seed oil does have a slightly grainy texture, the application is gentle and April’s motion so fluid, the entire experience resembles a delightful massage. As she works on my legs, her touch becomes very light and precise - a lymphatic drainage technique that helps to detoxify my body. To complete the treatment, April places her fingers on the base of my skull, gently manipulating the cranial bones to release tension.  And I finally understand why this treatment carries the name ‘Bliss Body Renewal’. It’s so much more than a simple body polish!

Entering a dimmed room dedicated to cleansing rituals, I glide into the spacious, jade-green hydrotherapy basin to receive a ‘Glowing Radiance Bath’ infused with Kacip Fatimah - a local plant known for toning abdominal muscles, boosting energy and promoting emotional wellbeing of a woman. 

I sip a delicious herbal tea, listen to an angelic voice singing mantras, and inhale the exquisite floral aroma - feeling weightless and beautiful, just like one of the many rose petals that float all around me.

The wonderful ritual concludes with a Taksu Kasih massage. April places underneath my lower back warm kidney pack, balancing the heat with a cooling poultice on my abdomen to rejuvenate the life-giving energy of kidneys and adrenal glands. Applying sensuous oil infused with the essence of kenanga, gardenia, jerimin an haila, she begins the ‘Taksu Kasih Massage’. Rather than focusing on distinctive body parts, her long, gentle strokes follow the diagonal of my body, washing over me like soothing streams of water, releasing an inner flow of energy and inducing a feeling of serenity. What a bliss! But there is more to her touch than just the exquisite technique! Struggling to find my own words to describe the out-of-this-world experience, I recall a massage quote from the spiritual teacher Bhagwan:

‘While massaging, connect with the energy of the other person, and feel where it is lacking. Sense where the body is incomplete, and make it whole again. Help the energy to be no longer fragmented, no longer in conflict. Once all energies in the body are attuned and become an orchestra, you have achieved your goal.’

I’m not sure whether April ever heard that quote, but her healing touch is an embodiment of these inspiring words, and a revelation to my body, mind and soul. - One of the many highlights I experienced during the wonderful ‘Feminine Spirit and Radiance Ritual’ …

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