By Kamila Delart

My visits to the Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort Langkawi became over the last four years a rather meaningful ritual to me. A time when I step back, lose myself in contemplation and become aware of what I need in life to feel whole and in tune with who I am.

If you associate a Spa experience with a little bit of pampering or the relief of muscular tension, you may have a hard time to relate to my statement. But then - you probably haven’t been to The Geo Spa yet.

Honoring the earth’s heritage of LANGKAWI UNESCO GEOPARK, the Geo Spa embraces the ancient wisdom of nature, aiming to bring you into a state of equilibrium by carefully balancing your energies. Incorporating healing mud from the nearby mangroves, energy of the surrounding primordial rocks, abundant water and indigenous rainforest plants, the menu is divided into four treatment series. The NOURISHMENT rituals aim to calm, nurture and ground, WATER treatments facilitate the flow of inner energies; LIGHT ceremonies illuminate the body, mind and spirit, and AIR rituals encourage purification. The key is to determine your individual needs…

Completing a detailed questionnaire, I share my preference regarding geometrical shapes, reveal what music I am inspired by and which fragrance resonates with me the most… The results of the test I took nearly a year ago were remarkably accurate so I’m curious to learn where I stand today. Not surprisingly, the energy center that is charged the most is my throat chakra that governs creativity, expression and communication - prerequisites for my work as a writer and a Public Relations Consultant. Having put quite a lot of effort into bringing more stability into my life in the course of the past twelve months, I enjoy a moment of victory when told that my base chakra, previously deficient of energy, shows now a strong, healthy vibration. But as it turns out, my sacral chakra is out of balance, and I need to loosen the reins and simply enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer.

The Spa Director, Stephanie Cherbakow, gently smiles and excuses herself to give me a little space to reflect upon the results. And to be honest, I do need a minute… It’s funny how we forget to look left and right when focused on reaching our goals - not noticing that we are missing out elsewhere. A leisurely sunset stroll along the beach, a romantic candle light dinner… Regardless how busy the work schedule; one should make space for the joyful moments life has to offer!

Open to explore how to best balance my sacral chakra, I listen to Stephanie who is meanwhile back, suggesting that I experience The Feminine Spirit & Radiance Ritual from the ‘Water Series’.

Escorted to one of the luxurious treatment pavilions with a private changing room, aroma-steam bath and luxurious multi-shower facilities, I change into a fluffy bathrobe and follow my therapist, Amyliana, to an outdoor deck that opens up into a beautifully manicured private garden.
The ritual begins with ‘Pengwapan’, an intimate herbal steam bath. Comfortably seated on a special chair with a hole, I feel warm cleansing vapor enter my body. It’s a rather unusual sensation, but as Amyliana begins to gently massage my shoulders, I listen to the soothing sound of running water and watch a couple of hornbills that settled on a nearby tree, I let go - noticing how the initial tension leaves my body.

Laying face down on a massage table, I get to experience a full body scrub with Himalayan salt crystals infused with jasmine and rosehip seed oil. What a heavenly scent!

Rather than vigorously rubbing the grainy blend into my skin, which is a common practice during an exfoliating treatment, Amyliana works in a slow, gentle manner, removing the dead skin cells gradually. As she works on my legs, her touch becomes very light and precise - a lymphatic drainage technique that helps to cleanse my body from inside-out. To complete the treatment, the therapist places her fingers on the base of my skull, gently manipulating the cranial bones to release emotional tension. A wonderful sensation!

Entering a suite dedicated to bathing rituals, I glide into the spacious jade-green bath with the water surface entirely covered by rose petals, pandan leaves and Kacip Fatimah - a sacred rainforest plant known for toning abdominal muscles, boosting energy and promoting emotional wellbeing of a woman. While I let the medicinal plants work their magic, I play with the floating flowers, covering my entire torso in fragrant white, yellow, pink and purple petals, embracing my playful feminine site.

The enchanting ritual concludes with a Taksu Kasih massage. Amyliana places underneath my lower back a warm kidney pack, balancing the heat with a cooling poultice on my abdomen to rejuvenate the life-giving energy of kidneys and adrenal glands. Applying sensuous oil infused with the essence of kenanga, gardenia, jerimin an haila, she begins with a gentle massage, gliding with long strokes along the diagonal of my body to bring my energy into a flow. Her gentle touch is so soothing; I quickly drift away to awake only at the very end of the exquisite treatment.

Seated in a bale that ‘floats’ on a Reflecting Pond, I indulge in a delicious meal designed to complement the ‘The Feminine Spirit & Radiance Ritual’ by balancing my energies from within. But although the culinary treat is supposed to conclude my Spa experience, I realize that this is only the beginning of a journey towards a more balanced life.

You can sure visit the Geo Spa to simply indulge in a massage, treat yourself to a luxurious facial or to enjoy a quality time with your partner when booking a lavish couples ritual. But if you come with an open heart, looking for a little guidance, you will walk away with this amazing gift of inspiration and the courage to take a turn into the right direction. While not mentioned in the Spa’s collaterals, this is what makes this unique wellbeing sanctuary truly stand apart…

The Geo Spa welcomes residents of Langkawi and travelers staying at other resorts. Early reservations are recommended.

For further enquiries and reservations, please contact The GEO SPA at: +6 04 950 8603 or email to