By Kamila Delart

Struggling with jetlag? Rather than waiting for the unpleasant symptoms to pass while wasting a precious time of your holiday, treat yourself to a Time Traveler’s Massage!

Harnessing the healing power of pure essential oils and embracing the ancient art of acupressure, the treatment will help your inner clock to align with the rhythm of the present location, liberating you from exhaustion, insomnia, and mood swings that typically occur after a long haul flight.

Stiff after sitting for hours in a constrained position, your body will be thoroughly stretched. Deep tissue work will relax your tense shoulders and ease lower back pain. Targeted strokes will relieve the discomfort in your knees and reduce potential swelling in lower legs and your dehydrated skin will be moisturized with rich almond oil.

The best part? This result oriented and beautifully choreographed treatment is available
at THE ANDAMAN’S V BOTANICAL SPA that boasts semi-open-air villas perched high in the rainforest canopy, enchanting with a breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea!

For further details, visit www.theandaman.com/SW-VIW

To make reservations, kindly email to or call +6 04 959 1088 / +6 04 950 0014