Amaya Spa LangkawiAMAYA SPA

PANTAI KOK , next to The Danna Hotel
Lot H 22, Grd. Floor, Perdana Quay 1

Tel:  +604 959 3959

Operating Hours: daily 1pm - 10pm

Based on the Taoist philosophy that views illness as the result of any energy imbalance, the Amaya Spa is devoted to restoring the original equilibrium, and to stimulating the self-healing forces within our bodies.

The design of the Spa follows Feng-Shui principles, and the background music utilizes Alchemy Sound Therapy known for attuning the brain-waves to a healthy vibration. Strategically placed charcoal crystals and a special paint on the walls absorb any negativity, while all therapists practice on a daily basis Qi-Gong to raise their energy levels. Although single treatments from massage therapy, to foot reflexology and ear candling are available, especially popular are holistic packages that include a variety of complimentary add-ons such as herbal packs, eye pillow treatment, Garra Rufa Fish Therapy, and seasonal fruit platter.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Balancing Therapy Package, complimentary Dr. Fish experience, private Qi-Gong sessions on the beach

Price Range:  1 hr massage from  RM 150
                       3 hours package    RM 308