Frangipani Spa LangkawiFRANGIPANI SPA

By Kamila Delart

The Frangipani Langkawi Resort & Spa 


Tel:         +6 04 952 0000



Operating Hours: daily 11am - 7pm

Regarded in many Asian cultures a sacred tree that promotes the equilibrium of body mind and spirit, Frangipani not only inspired the name of the Spa but is also reflected in its philosophy. Apart from offering a variety of relaxation and beauty services, the environmentally friendly Frangipani Spa with three indoor treatment rooms and two outdoor cabanas, is the first Spa worldwide that features three innovative Anti-Oxidant Therapy Chambers!  

Utilizing a ground-breaking technology developed in Japan, the unique climate-controlled environment is saturated with more than two million negative ions that effectively fight free radicals responsible for cell damage that leads to premature aging and variety of diseases. With a pleasant temperature of 41- 43 °C, listening to relaxing music, with your head on a soft pillow, you are likely to fall asleep during the 60 min session. Proven to slow-down aging, reduce cholesterol levels, alleviate the symptoms of rheumatism, decrease sugar levels when suffering from diabetes, and provide pain relief for cancer patients, daily sessions are recommended.

HIGHLIGHTS:       Anti-oxidant therapy room

                             Aromatherapy Massage

PRICE RANGE:    1 hr anti-oxidant therapy  RM   70

                             1 hr massage                   RM 180

                             2 hrs package                  RM 350