By Kamila Delart

Langkawi Video by LADA: see here

On Wednesday, October 31st, the LADA Auditorium was bursting at seams, with the audience eagerly awaiting the official launch of Langkawi’s New Brand ‘NATURALLY LANGKAWI’ that will showcase our breathtaking archipelago as a nature haven and the natural choice for tourists in quest of their next holiday destination.

The charismatic Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, CEO of LADA, welcomed representatives of the government, media, local business owners and resorts management, highlighting in his speech Langkawi’s new positioning as a key initiative of the Langkawi Tourism Blueprint that aims to establish Langkawi as one of the top 10 island destinations worldwide. 

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, emphasized that the new branding will boost the island’s economy, creating further opportunities for people of Langkawi who partake in the tourism industry.

In order to preserve the natural treasures of Langkawi for future generations, any developments will be carried out in a eco-friendly, sustainable manner, with profits to be generated by attracting limited number of environmentally conscious travelers with high disposable income, rather than by opening up for mass tourism.  

Taking the floor, Langkawi’s famous naturalists, Irshad Mobarak, delivered a passionate speech about the stunning flora and fauna of Langkawi, proudly pointing out that while a barely visible dot on the world map – Langkawi is home to 226 species of birds and 500 butterfly species – hundred more than the entire continent of Australia has to offer! And flying snakes, squirrels and lemurs that freely roam in our rainforests are a rare sight anywhere else in the world.

Enjoying the status of the first Geo Park in South East Asia, our magical island is already a sought-after nature destination, attracting more than two million arrivals annually. And yet, so far we barely touched the true potential of Langkawi. Which is where the new branding strategy comes in! 

Presented by Nor Raphil Rahman, the Brand Strategist and Key Architect for Naturally Langkawi, the new marketing campaign revolves around the natural beauty of Langkawi. With breathtaking images of stunning rock formations, pristine rainforests, idyllic beaches and the fascinating indigenous flora and fauna taking turns on the giant screen, the words NATURALLY LANGKAWI perfectly captured what makes Langkawi  unique, while making the choice of the next holiday destination an obvious one.  The most beautiful spot on the planet?! NATURALLY LANGKAWI...

Langkawi’s new brand along with a beautiful emotive video clip will be presented on the WORLD TRAVEL MART in London on 5th-8th November, turning the eyes of the world in our direction.  Allowing people around the globe to discover the beauty and magic of our island we are blessed to experience every single day…

To view the official launch of Langkawi’s new brand, please go to: