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Far more than just accommodation, each resort is a world in itself. A unique micro-cosmos luring you to leave the everyday life behind, and immerse yourself in a fantasy of images, sounds, fragrances, flavors and sensations...

Just as if you were listening to a perfectly attuned orchestra presenting a symphony, the moment you step over the threshold of a resort, you embark on an emotional journey:  Distinctive architecture reflecting natural surroundings, interior design that creates a special ambiance, individual service and a myriad of subtle touches come together in synergy to create a truly unique atmosphere.

When looking for a dream setting for our holidays, it is not necessarily the impressive selection of F&B outlets or the size of guest rooms that matters the most.  Deep down, we all seek this special feeling, an elusive vibration, a sensation that resonates with who we are...

Are you in quest of a tranquil hideaway, looking for moments of contemplation? Do you dream about indulgence with a private butler catering to your every whim? Would you like to truly experience the indigenous local culture? Do you love to explore and discover, engaged in a variety of activities?  Or is your perfect vacation synonymous with letting your hair down and having fun?

Based on a first-hand experience of the Langkawi based Leisure Writer, Kamila Delart, the LANGKAWI RESORT GUIDE captures the essence of the island’s most beautiful resorts, helping you to select the one that will turn your vacation into one of a kind experience. 

SHORT PORTRAITS provide a general overview; along with a few emotive keywords that convey the distinctive feel of each resort. 

Accompanying FEATURE STORIES with many photographs are an invitation to ‘join’ our writer on her holiday voyage around Langkawi. Lose yourself in the lyrical narratives; see the enchanting resorts through the writer’s perceptive eyes, and experience their unique atmosphere as if you were present…