Resort Guide by Kamila Delart

      idyllic                           peaceful                           nostalgic                       slow-paced

                    intimate                            nurturing                         charming                           

Set at the edge of wetlands with a lagoon overgrown with sea roses and water hyacinths, the boutique resort Bon Ton features eight beautifully restored antique houses, reviving the atmosphere of a traditional Malay kampong.

Whether you stay in a fisherman’s house, a beach cottage, the former residence of a village head or a house originally built for a nobleman, there is no better way to get a feel for the everyday life of past generations. Raised on stilts, the houses bring alive the memory of times when wild animals used to lure in the darkness of the night, and rivers flooded in the rainy season the settlements. Ducking to look out of the window placed just slightly above the ground, you will picture the locals enjoying the view while sitting cross-legged on the floor. And the spacious verandah at the fisherman’s house will bring back images of a family spending long afternoons weaving fishing nets. 

The interiors blend beautiful antique furniture with contemporary fixtures, marrying authentic kampong experience with style and comfort. Light falling through the elaborately carved timber panels creates enchanting patterns on the wooden floors, creating a dreamy atmosphere.

When staying at Bon Ton, the time seems to slow down, luring with the promise of sweet idleness. Sprawl out on one of the sun loungers and watch swarms of egrets and herons circle above the wetlands. Cool down in the resort’s pool or retreat to your verandah to read a book. Look forward to a breathtaking sunset accompanied by a frog serenade.

The ‘Breakfast Fairies’ will stock your fridge in the evening, so you can enjoy intimate breakfast with your loved one without leaving your house. The celebrated Nam restaurant will spoil you with an exotic fusion of western and eastern gourmet dishes and the Nyonya cuisine that combines Malay and Chinese culinary art relating back to the Spice Trade Era. And Chin Chin, a refurbished antique Chinese shop house, is famous for amazing after dinner cocktails.  

If you are looking for souvenirs, don’t miss the resort’s gallery shop with an eclectic range of Malaysian textiles, sculptures, coffee-table books and local art photography. Or enjoy a leisurely fifteen minutes walk to the vibrant Pantai Cenang that boasts not only a variety of stores but also a myriad of bars, restaurants and Spas.



Pantai Cenang

07000 Langkawi  
Kedah Darul Aman


T +604 955 1688
F +604 955 4791