Resort Guide by Kamila Delart

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Built around a sacred temple tree with adjacent Taoist shrine, the unique property celebrates local traditions and Malaysia’s multicultural heritage. Arranged in a grid style typical for settlements some hundred years ago, the resort features nine antique villas in a variety of styles that can be rented as entire unites or as individual hotel rooms.

Next to a stately ‘Colonial House’ built in the twentieth by wealthy goldsmith traders is a traditional long house that used to serve as accommodation for Indian rubber plantation workers. And overlooking the pool, with verandahs offering breathtaking views of the mountains, is the opulent ‘Chinese House’. Each of the estates tells a different story, taking you on a contemplative journey back to the past.

The interior is simply stunning, giving away the owner’s passion for interior design. Period pieces and antique accessories are daringly mixed with contemporary furnishings accentuated by cushions in contrasting colors and patterns.

But staying at the Temple Tree is not just about the beautiful accommodation. The restaurant at the Strait Club House that specializes in western fusion cuisine offers such an exceptional culinary experience, you are likely to ignore the many restaurants available at the nearby Pantai Cenang. 

Surrounded by wetlands, you will wake up to the chirping of birds and fall asleep listening to the soothing sound of cricket and frogs. Savoring the leisurely atmosphere, you may chose to laze around the two swimming pools, or just relax on your porch, paging through a fashion magazine with a sweet little kitten happily purring in your lap.

Strolling around the grounds, or taking a nap on a lounger, the adorable creatures are not only at home at the Temple Tree but one of the main reasons the resort was built.  A passionate animal lover, the owner established nearly 20 years ago the Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation, dedicating 50% of the resort’s profits to providing the once abandoned animals with the care they deserve! So when staying at the Temple Tree, you not only get to enjoy wonderful holidays, you are making a difference…


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Pantai Cenang

07000 Langkawi
Kedah Darul Aman


T +6 04 955 1688 / 3643  
F +6 04 955 4791