Looking for truly original gifts for your loved ones back home? One store you absolutely have to visit is the recently opened GALLERY of SOPAN SANTUN KLASIK! Just make sure you have a few more banknotes in your valet than you plan to spend. Then once you set your eyes on the unique handbags, pillow covers and table runners, you can impossibly resist purchasing some of these beautiful products for yourself as well!!! Which is very much how the story of SOPAN SANTUN KLASIK started: A pillow designed to decorate the homey sofa of the entrepreneurial couple, Mr. Noor Baba and Ms. Nurul Fisha, ‘walked out of the door’ with the first visiting friends. As the table runner met with the same fate, the question was not whether to set up a business but merely how to go about it.

But to truly appreciate the wonderful products, you may want to get to know the whole story that began some 35 years ago with a little boy paging through giant albums filled with historical photographs. Taken by his granddad and great grandfather, each of the sepia images seemed to tell a story. Capturing the grand colonial atmosphere and market and kampung scenes from 120 years ago, they took the little boy, Noor, on a journey back in time.

During Noor’s Interior Design studies in the USA, the original fascination was replaced by something deeper. Far away from his home, the images reminded him of his roots, awakening a longing for ‘Sopan Santun’ - the way Malay people carry themselves, the values they live by… An expression that became years later the name of his company…

Feeling that the enchanting historical images should be ‘brought to life’ rather than kept between the hard cover of an album, Noor and his wife Nurul brainstormed ideas how to make the photographs part of the everyday life, and began to experiment with prints on canvas.

Both perfectionists, they took more than a year to select the most enchanting images while going through their personal collection and spending plenty of time in historical archives. They made numerous trips to India to source canvas made of the best quality woven cotton, and took their time identifying the best printing technology and finding a talented tailor prior to focusing on developing a range of products that meanwhile encompasses 40 uniquely designed bags, purses, pillow covers and table runners, with the textile collection complemented by lovely coaster sets, fridge- magnets and other original home accessories. Their first store at the ‘Perkampungan Kraf Komplek’ in Kuala Lumpur became such a success, soon afterward followed an outlet in KLCC and a now the Sopan Santun Klasik brand is available also in Langkawi.

Intrigued? Wait until you visit their gallery! A gifted Interior Designer, Mr. Noor created such a wonderful space that browsing through the beautifully displayed products is an experience in itself!

Bare cement floors and lamps in industrial design beautifully contrast with the rustic feel of exposed brick walls and shelving made of reclaimed wood that was used some 120 years ago to build a house of a Chinese merchant in Penang. The focal point of the gallery is an antique fisherman boat. Lovingly restored, with the patina of time left intact, the stunning piece serves now as a display - setting the stage for the Sopan Santun Klasik products that celebrate the Malay heritage.


With so many beautiful designs, you may struggle to select just a few. Worried about excess luggage charges?! All products will be soon available for online purchase. So should you have limited space in your suitcase, just visit upon returning home the company’s website: www.sopansantundesign.com