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By Kamila Delart

Looking for exquisite jewelry, unique pieces of art and beautiful home accessories? There is one retail store you can impossibly skip! Situated on the long shopping strip of Pantai Cenang and surrounded by all the souvenir shops that lure with uninspired, thousand times repeated import from Indonesia, CINNAMON’S GIFT stands truly out.

When opening his store some 15 years ago, the passionate owner, Bala Murali, may not have had much experience with retail, nor a clear plan how to make his business work. But he had the vision to create a place filled with things so beautiful that passersby won’t have a choice but to step in. And that’s exactly what has been happening for more than a decade now!

Like the adventurers who followed centuries ago the Spice Route in quest of the fragrant CINAMMON, a spice so unique it was regarded the perfect gift for Sultans and even Gods, Bala set out on a journey through Southeast Asia, visiting hidden antique stores and handicraft workshops, looking for pieces that will catch his eye and touch his heart.

Coming back from his trip and displaying his very first collection, he was a little nervous, wondering whether his personal taste will match the one of prospective customers. But the beautiful items disappeared one by one from the shelves, and with them all the doubts Bala initially had.

Not that his family and friends were surprised by the success! Since he was a little boy, Bala used to collect beautiful things. Pebbles and driftwood he found on the beach, forgotten, by dust covered antique pieces he brought back to shine… And the one subject in school he really loved was, of course, art. Which clearly shows when you look around Bala’s shop today.

The presentation is truly original!!! The hand-made street display of ethnic jewelry was once upon a time a regular cabinet. Now, one of the open doors showcases earrings, while the other one displays necklaces, and a round opening in the back of the cupboard frames a red tree carved out of wood - utilized as an eye-catching display for pendants!

If you manage not to get distracted by the beautiful merchandise available for purchase, you are sure to discover more unique hand-made design features: deep rectangular boxes on the walls that serve as shelves, a table display with a cavity filled with sand and seashells, mirror-mosaics on the wall…

The actual shopping experience is as captivating as the presentation. While the outdoor display lures with inexpensive feather earrings and ethnic bijouterie popular with the young crowd, once you enter the store, you will find exquisite silver jewelry, intricate wood carvings, fine lacquer ware, original paintings and unique collectables such as elephants and hand-made bronze sculptures that portray the aorable chubby ‘yoga ladies’.

A little overwhelmed by the eclectic selection? Enjoy a cocktail, a glass of wine or a refreshing juice on the Cinnamon’s cozy patio, taking your time prior to deciding on a purchase. Then again - if you do fall in love with a few things on the spot, you may as well give in. Or else, you could end up like the charming lady from UK who left empty handed - just to return five times!!! on the same day, satisfied only once she got even the last piece of jewelry she originally set her eyes on…