3 doors on the left from 7-Eleven

Tel: +6 (04)955 4150
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By Kamila Delart

Looking for exquisite jewelry, unique pieces of art and beautiful home accessories? There is one retail store you can impossibly skip! Situated on the long shopping strip of Pantai Cenang and surrounded by all the souvenir shops that lure with uninspired, thousand times repeated import from Indonesia, CINNAMON’S GIFT stands truly out.

Idea Craftwork LangkawiIDEA CRAFTWORKS

Exhibition: Langkawi Craft Complex

Atelier:       Jalan Padang Tembak
                    Kelibang, Kuah

Tel: +6 012 460 5595



By Kamila Delart 

If you love unique pieces of art,
you should definitely meet
Azizul Ahmad,
a local artisan whose exquisite wood carvings grace the office of Najib Razak, the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, and the home of his predecessor, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Looking for truly original gifts for your loved ones back home? One store you absolutely have to visit is the recently opened GALLERY of SOPAN SANTUN KLASIK! Just make sure you have a few more banknotes in your valet than you plan to spend. Then once you set your eyes on the unique handbags, pillow covers and table runners, you can impossibly resist purchasing some of these beautiful products for yourself as well!!! Which is very much how the story of SOPAN SANTUN KLASIK started: A pillow designed to decorate the homey sofa of the entrepreneurial couple, Mr. Noor Baba and Ms. Nurul Fisha, ‘walked out of the door’ with the first visiting friends. As the table runner met with the same fate, the question was not whether to set up a business but merely how to go about it.

By Kamila Delart

When a shop flourishes for nearly two decades despite a location away from the busy tourism spots, you can be sure the shopping experience is worth the trip across the island! The 10.000 square feet one-stop handicraft & art gallery lures with sophisticated presentation and an exquisite selection of antiques and handicraft personally sourced by the owners all across Asia. Intrigued? Wait until you hear the stories that surround some of the rare objects you will find in De’ Zone!