at The Andaman


Tel: +60 4 959 1088 

Operating Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 6pm - 10:30pm

Set on a pristine beach with a mesmerizing ocean view and a backdrop of 10 million years old rainforest, the destination restaurant Jala is designed to let you enjoy the enchanting surroundings and feel the spirit of nature. Let a shoe concierge put away your sandals and feel the warm powdery sand underneath your feet. Listen to the soothing sound of the Andaman Sea. Feel the grounding energy of the giant, legend enshrouded Meranti trees that tower up just next to your table. A captivating setting for a truly unique dining experience!

The passionate Danish Chef, Rene Knudsen, spent weeks exploring with the Resident Naturalist the rainforest to source rare indigenous ingredients, and even followed a family of macaque monkeys to see what secret delicacies the jungle has to offer. And so you get to taste wild pepper or the delicate flowers of Cat Whiskers, Hibiscus or Wild Cosmos. Committed to sustainable practices, the restaurant cooperates with local farmers, making sure you enjoy organic, freshly harvested vegetable.

Jala’s inventive menu marries exotic Malay ingredients and Danish culinary philosophy. Artfully balanced, each dish delights with various textures and brilliant color composition, and highlights distinctive flavors, allowing the sweet, sour, salty, bitter and rich umami taste to unfold on your tongue in sequence so that you can appreciate the finest nuances.

Set directly on the shores, the restaurant, named after fishermen’s cast net, specializes in seafood delicacies. If you come early enough, you may see a small boat delivering a daily catch and learn from the Chef how to select the best Sea Bass, Red Coral Garoupa, giant King Mackerel or Mud Crabs.

Your dining experience begins with an exquisite cream cheese with truffle oil, black olives and anchovies, served in a tiny flower pot, planted with the resort’s fresh vegetable and herbs from baby carrots and asparagus to wild pepper, daun kaduk and daun pegaga.

When selecting entrée, you can impossibly miss Jalaksa, the unique interpretation of traditional Malay laksa with King prawns and Sea Bass in panko bread crumbs, poached quail egg, Malay basil, udon noodles, ginger flower, cucumber, coriander and laksa consommé. If you like it a little spicy, opt for the delicious Crab & Black Pasta with poached mud crab, black pasta, spicy tomato sauce, green asparagus, roasted cashew nuts and tomato concasse.

When it comes to the main course, head to the Seafood Display and select your favorite fish. The knowledgeable waiters will be delighted to recommend the best preparation and ideal choice of vegetable, starch and sauce, so that your meal is not only flavorsome but also balanced and nutritious.

If you prefer to order à la carte, savor a Pan Seared Garoupa with a creamy cauliflower pure, sauté of pak choi, crispy onion rings and the sweet and spicy hoi sin sauce. Or try the restaurant’s famous Poached Cod accompanied by baked beetroot with sesame, pickled shallot, deep fried caper seeds and berry, potato chips, beef bacon & mustard/horseradish hollandaise. Inspired by a famous Danish New Years dish, it’s truly delicious!

The perfect finale? Treat yourself to a Strawberry Reef - pistachio sponge cake with coconut ice-cream, strawberry pure, sugar pickled strawberry, candy seaweed, sweet pistachios and edible sand or indulge in Danish Oatmeal Porridge, a flavorsome pure of Granny Smith apple, poached apple, dried apple, cinnamon ice cream, toasted oatmeal with honey and crispy oatmeal porridge. A tantalizing culinary experience for all of your senses!

Seating Capacity: 70guests

Price Range:

Entree 30 - 40 RM
Main Meal 50 - 85 RM
Dessert 28 RM
Signature Teas 14 RM