Tel: +6 (0)4 - 9661214

Operating Hours: Daily
11am -15pm & 6.30pm -10pm

Established 10 years ago by a Malay-Thai couple, this famous restaurant celebrates the traditional culinary Thai experience. The interior features roofed booths resembling Thai houses, walls are covered in dark, richly carved teak wood, and the exotic feel is completed by playful water features and fragrant flower garlands.The first ferry in the morning brings on daily basis fresh herbs, spices and rare vegetables from Thailand, and all dishes are prepared based on recipes passed in the family from generation to generation.

Regardless of what you order, the flavor is beyond delicious, and the presentation simply beautiful! The traditional Nasi Goreng Nenas is served in a pineapple, the famous Tom Yam soup comes in a coconut shell decorated with an orchid blossom, and fish dishes are adorned with intricate fruit-carvings. Families and groups of friends will be delighted by the size of the tables, the ‘Lazy Suzan’ - a rotating platform that makes it convenient to sample and share various dishes, or the ‘Steam Boat’, a fondue-like pot that keeps the food simmering directly on the table.

While no alcohol is served, each guest receives complimentary water infused with pandan leaves, and the exotic juices and thick shakes made of dragon fruit, mango or cucumber are an absolute must! Whether you choose the traditional desert from sticky rice or a pandan leaf jelly sprinkled with coconut, the desserts are exquisite, and best enjoyed with a digestive tea served in traditional blue-and-white ceramics. The majority of the friendly, attentive waiting staff is Thai. To spare you the shouting typical for a large-size Asian restaurants, the staff utilizes walkie-talkies, making the dining experience very relaxing.

Relaying on a great word-of-mouth rather than paying commission to tourist guides and taxi drivers, the restaurant is able to keep their prices very reasonable, attracting not only tourists but also local families. Whatever day you pick, the restaurant is bursting full. Should you need additional proof of the excellent dining experience, have a look at the wall displaying various tourism awards, and photographs of the King of Kedah, and the former Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, who are both returning guests.

Seating Capacity:

Downstairs: 200 guests
Upstairs (air-conditioned): 100 guests
Groups up to 120 guests can be accommodated with prior notice

Price Range:

Signature Dishes  18 - 25 RM
Seafood                12 - 15 RM
Salads                          10 RM
Vegetable                     10 RM
Rice & Noodle                9 RM
Fish                         6  - 7  RM /100g
Dessert                    3 -10 RM