Tel: +6 (0) 4 966 7988
Operating Hours:
From 1pm - 10.30pm

Kuah’s best kept secret, the Fish Farm Restaurant is a true gem of a dining location! Only a few minutes' drive from the busy town center, you will find yourself in a peaceful bay with a stunning view of the Andaman Sea.

As if promising to take you on a fairytale journey, at the entrance are two historical carriages. And once you step over the imaginary threshold, you will indeed feel as though you entered another world.

There are four different dining sections - each of them with a distinct atmosphere: The main area is decorated with castle-like bird cages, pirate ship replicas and old fisherman lamps. Those looking for an intimate experience will enjoy the traditional bersila seating with comfortable cushions placed around a low table. To savor a drink, retreat in the Fern Grove with antique swings gently rocking underneath the canopy of prehistoric foliage, and tree stamps offering seats around ancient mill-stones tables.

The most enchanting spot is the Sea Deck: Tables made of old railway sleepers are shielded by giant roots overgrown with tiger orchids, the sound of the sea blends with the soothing clang of wind chimes, and the view is just magical! Hundreds of wild ducks, colorful fisherman boats, the Turtle Island rising from the emerald green sea… And once the night sets in, and the dark water surface mirrors the lights of fishermen, it is as if the ocean lit up with the friar's lanterns.

The culinary concept is equally unique! Although you can place your order based on a traditional menu, you have also the option to personally choose live fish, lobster, horseshoe crab or tiger prawns from the enormous aquarium. Even better - let a boat take you to the offshore Fish Farm and catch your own dinner! Among the favorites is Tomyam soup with prawns, Thai-style steam fish, BBQ lobster, chilli crab. Accompanied by chilled white wine or cold beer - a dinner to remember!

Seating Capacity: 300 guests

Price Range:

                                  S             M
Clams                      20 RM       30 RM
Squid                       25 RM       45 RM
Prawn                      30 RM       45 RM
Mantis Prawn           25 RM      45 RM
Chicken                   20 RM       30 RM
Beef                        30 RM       40 RM
Beancurd                18 RM       25 RM
Vegetable               18 RM       25 RM
Green Mussels        40 RM
Lobster, Crab & Fish - market price

Appetizer                 14 RM
Omelet                    18 RM
Local Cuisine          14 RM
Soup             from   14 RM
Salad            from   17 RM