Haroo Cafe LangkawiHAROO STORY


Tel: +6 012 - 5140049
Email: harooinlangkawi@yahoo.com
Operating Hours: noon - 10 pm

Looking for a place to unwind while on a shopping spree in Kuah?
Conveniently located in the shopping mall ‘Langkawi Fair’, ‘Haroo Story’ is the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch, have a quick snack in-between or to conclude your bargain hunt with a lovely dinner.

That being said, the atmosphere of the ‘Korean Culture Cafe’ and the delicious food served at ‘Haroo Story’ are worth the visit even if you have no plans to shop :-)

Conceptualized as a place where you get to experience not only authentic Korean cuisine but also Korean culture, ‘Haroo Story’ is designed in a Zen-like style, with the simplicity of the interior accentuated by delicate calligraphy art painted directly on the tabletops, and crooked branches and moss-grown rocks elevated to beautiful art compositions. - The signature touch of Isabella, a gifted artist and daughter of the Korean owners.

While part of the cafe is set up in western style with tables and chairs, nothing beats a steaming bowl of an authentic Korean dish served in the traditional ‘jwa-sik’ floor seat setting. If you are in for a quick snack, go for Kim Bap - a Korean picnic favorite of seaweed rice rolls served in bite-size slices. While similar to sushi, they are filled with kimchi, radish, eggs, tuna and plenty of other ingredients typical for the Korean cuisine.

Time to lounge around and enjoy a proper meal?! If so, start with a seaweed soup or try the spicy beef soup seasoned to perfection! Ready for a main course? Order the famous Bibimbab - an assortment of stir fried vegetables with beef and egg served on rice with a Korean chili sauce. Or try JJaJang Myon, one of the most popular Korean noodle dishes with diced vegetable and a thick sauce made of black soybean paste.

Whatever your choice, all meals are freshly prepared with genuine Korean ingredients. Served in pre-heated clay pots for maximum flavor - a feast for your taste buds! Especially when accompanied by plum and honey tea or green tea with roasted brown rice.

While the culinary concept is all about tradition, Isabella’s take on sharing her cultural heritage is more than contemporary. A fan of Korean soap operas? Come and watch an episode while sipping the popular mandarin-flavored Korean soft drink ‘Bong-Bong’ or the milky soda ‘Ambasa’ that enjoys a cult status among Korean teenagers. Ready to take a selfie? Put on one of the striking Korean folklore dresses displayed on the wall. A picture your Facebook friends are sure to love and a lovely memento reminding you of a truly unusual dining experience!

Seating Capacity:

‘Jwa-sik‘ floor seating 20 guests
Regular chair seating 30 guests

Price Range:

Snacks                                  10 - 15 RM
Korean Rice Dishes              20 - 25 RM
Korean Noodle Dishes                 20 RM
Ribeye with Korean BBQ sauce  60 RM