Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant LangkawiORKID RIA


Tel:      +6 04 9554128
Operating Hours:
11am - 3pm & 6pm - 11pm

From humble beginnings to one of the most popular places in Langkawi!  Faded newspaper clippings tell the story of a tiny home-eatery in Kuah . . . 

Surrounded by a beautiful orchid garden, mother Loh served delicious home cooked meals, freshly prepared from seafood brought by one of her sons who used to be a fisherman. The rumor spread fast, so that more and more tables needed to be added, until the family moved their business to Pantai Cenang 12 years ago.

Today, Orkid Ria can accommodate 250 guests, and the famous restaurant is bursting full each and every night. But apart from size, not much has changed. The former fisherman hand-picks the best catch of the day, while his brother goes at dawn to the wet market to select the most fresh seafood and vegetables available. The meanwhile grown-up sons stand behind the stove, preparing favorite Chinese dishes and the legendary fish and seafood delicacies.

A major attraction is the huge aquarium with live grouper, sea bass, mangrove crabs and gigantic lobsters to choose from. The seasoning is adjusted accordingly to the personal taste of each diner. While Asian guests are thrilled to find on the menu rare specialties such as sea cucumber, Westerners love the grilled lobster and chili tiger prawns.

When asked what makes Orkid Ria so popular, the owners shrug modestly their shoulders, mentioning affordable prices and efficient service. But savoring the delicious flavour of the exotic dishes, I am pretty sure that is just part of the success…

Seating Capacity: 250 guests

Price Range:   
Soup                                from   6 RM
Local Delights                  from   5 RM
Chicken                                    15 RM
Beef                                          18 RM
Vegetable                                   9 RM
Fish                                  from   6 RM / 100g
Seafood                           from  18 RM / 100 g
Dessert                            from    6 RM