Nam Restaurant Bon Ton LangkawiNAM RESTAURANT

Bon Ton Resort


Tel:         +6 (0)4 955 3643 / 6768


Operating Hours:
Lunch    12pm  -  5 pm
Snacks    3pm  -  7pm
Dinner     7pm  -11pm

Dining in the Nam Restaurant is far more than an exquisite culinary experience! The restaurant is part of the unique boutique resort Bon Ton. 

Comprising of eight original Malay timber houses on stilts that have been lovingly reassembled on a peaceful coconut plantation, you will enjoy a kampung  atmosphere of times gone by. Featuring hand-selected antique furniture and art collected by the owners during their travels through Asia, the ambiance is beautiful.

If you come for a dinner, you may want to begin your evening with a drink in the House Bar that raises on stilts above a pond overgrown with mauve-colored water hyacinths.  The serene view of the surrounding paddy fields, and the stunning sunset will set the tone for the entire evening.

The menu features exotic  fusion of western and eastern gourmet dishes with Asian spices. Legendary is the Nyonya Platter with nine dishes combining Malay and Chinese cuisine relating back to the Spice Trade Era.  Served on a banana leaf,  the fish in tamarind, beef with peanuts, prawns in pandan leaf, pickled lamb curry, ladies finger sambal, chicken with lime leaf, pineapple acar, eggplant in a coconut curry and mango & cashew nut rice are beyond delicious. Among other favorites are the Mezze Plate or Mixed Grill. When it comes to desserts, do not miss the steamed apple with macadamia and butterscotch pudding, Gula Melaka ice cream and apple compote.

Twice a week, there is a set Malay dinner menu accompanied by red and white wine. - A wonderful opportunity to experience the local cuisine while meeting interesting people.

Seating Capacity:

80 guests
Functions up to 100 guests

Price Range: 

Lunch Menu   30 - 46 RM

Dinner Menu
Entree            26 - 42 RM
Main Course  48 - 78 RM
Dessert          36 - 38 RM

Kid’s Menu     18 - 20 RM

Wednesdays and Saturdays:
Set Malay Dinner Menu incl. wine 90 RM