Red Tomato in LangkawiRED TOMATO

Restaurant & Lounge


Tel: +6 (0)4 - 9554055

Operating Hours:
Daily 9 am – 10.30pm

Founded nearly 10 years ago, Red Tomato is the perfect place to start a day with a hearty breakfast and one of the favorite lunch and dinner locations among expats and returning tourists. Run by a Malay-German couple, the Red Tomato carries a signature of both: 

The husband Oli is an artist, and responsible for the eccentric, funky and colorful blend of full-size mirrors in zebra-frames, crystal-chandelier, red! piano with signatures of visiting artists, paintings of jungle animals, and  tomatoes hold captive in bird cages above the bar. The enticing menu was put together by Oli’s wife, Tanja, who included all of her personal favorites. And looking at the fully booked tables - she has a great taste! The Eggs Benedict and Farmer’s Choice Breakfast are legendary. The tomato soup is rich and aromatic, just the way it should be considering the restaurant’s name. Red Tomato offers probably the widest selection of salads on the entire island:

Whether you choose Nicoise, Greek, Ceasar, Capresse Avocado-Rocket or Mediterranean Salad or decide to order the popular Wellness creation with garden greens, tomato, cucumber, mango, avocado, cranberries and smoked pepper tuna, you are sure to fall in love with the light summer meals accompanied by home-baked bread! When it comes to pasta, regulars swear by the Mexicana with red capsicum, onion, jalapeno chilli in tequila tomato sauce, topped with avocado and feta cheese. To make sure that you enjoy every bite of your pizza, you are encouraged to pick your favorite toppings. Should you suffer from allergies, you will be delighted to learn that you can order pizza, pasta and bread also gluten-free. Red Tomato carries a great selection of wine from Italy, Australia and New Zealand, and is famous for its fruity milkshakes. Whether you come over for a proper meal, a light snack, or just to hang out with your friends, enjoying a drink, you will love the relaxed atmosphere with super friendly service and jazz music leisurely playing in the background.

Seating Capacity:
Indoor:    35 guests
Outdoor: 35 guests

Price Range:
Breakfast              8 -18.50 RM
Entree                  8 - 22.50 RM
Salads           20.50 - 26.50 RM
Pasta             19.50 - 26.50 RM
Pizza                       from 20 RM
Meat & Fish   32.50 - 28.50 RM