Tel: +6 (0)4 955 2010

Operating Hours: noon - midnight

Located opposite Orchid Ria, the recently opened restaurant Yasmin lures with an intimate atmosphere and genuinely caring service. Your meal will be served before you manage to empty a glass of a freshly squeezed mango or pineapple juice. And if you happen to glance towards the open kitchen, you will meet the eager look of a kitchen-maid that turns into a broad smile once you give her the thumbs-up. You can tell it’s a family-run business even before you get to chat to one of the two brothers or their cousin.

With traditional Syrian music gently playing in the background, walls decorated with large photographs of Damascus and Ma’loula, a picturesque village built into a rugged mountainside,and a menu that celebrates the culinary heritage of Syria, you are in for a truly authentic dining experience. Although the names of the dishes sound similar to those you may find in a Turkish or a Lebanese restaurant, the distinctive blend of spices makes a difference. The culinary mantra of the brothers? To spoil their guests with such a delicious food as the one prepared by their mum and grandma.

To explore the various flavors of Syrian cuisine, begin your meal with a delicious Mazza Platter that includes Hummus,Baba Ghanoush,Motabal and Wine Leaves. When it comes to main course, order the savory Kebab Halabi made of lamb, or enjoy Shish Tauok, a marinated chicken barbequed over charcoal grill. Should your company be in a mood for European cuisine, there is no need to look for another dining venue. Prepared with equal enthusiasm, the menu includes various seafood delicacies and a few Western favorites such as Sirloin Steak or Lamb Chops. The perfect finale? A hot Arabic tea or strong Turkish coffee. Available is also shisha with strawberry, apple, mint or grape-flavored tobacco imported from Dubai.

If you are traveling with children, you will be delighted to discover that the family-friendly restaurant provides baby chairs and is happy to deliver your meal all the way to your doorstep should you decide to spend a relaxing evening in your hotel room.

*** Looking for a quick bite while on your way to the beach or returning at dawn from a party?
Try Yasmin’s Shawarma Kiosk located 200 meters down the road.

Seating Capacity: 44 guests

Price Range:

Soup                  10 -12 RM
Appetizer             8 - 18 RM
Arabic BBQ       23 - 39 RM
Western Fare    17 - 30 RM

Seafood Market price / 100 g