Live Seafood Restaurant

G 12, Perdana Quay
Telaga Harbour Park

Tel:         +6 04 956 1638
Tel:         +6 012- 4761086

Operating Hours: noon - 11pm

Situated at the peaceful Telaga Harbour, Golden Wok lures with dreamlike marina views with white sails of luxury yachts proudly glistening against the backdrop of hills overgrown by dense jungle. Red Chinese lanterns dangling between shade-giving palm trees create an exotic atmosphere, giving away that the restaurant is run by a Chinese family.

Keeping with the marine theme, Golden Wok specializes in live seafood cuisine, featuring large aquariums that teem with snappers, dragon groupers, giant prawns and colorful crabs. With all dishes prepared personally by the owner, Mr. Lao Wah Chong, who used to delight guests at 5* resorts, the food is simply delicious!

Begin your dining experience with the spicy Tom Yam soup served in a clay pot. Savor a lobster or tiger prawns grilled in butter with garlic and chili - best accompanied by pineapple fried rice and baby kailan fried in oyster sauce. Should you not be a seafood lover, opt for a beef with ginger and spring onions or order one of the popular local delights such as hokkien noodles or fried rice with prawns, chicken, eggs, green peas and carrots.

With truly large portions and delightful taste, Golden Wok is not only popular with tourists but also one of the favorite locations of locals who like to spend with family and friends long evenings, exchanging the latest news over a delicious Steam Boat.

Seating Capacity

Indoor:      16 guests
Outdoor:   40 guests

Price Range:  

Starter                                          8 - 22 RM
Soup                                          12 - 28 RM
Local Delights                              8 - 18 RM
Fish                                            12 - 18 RM / 100 g
Lobster                                       36 RM / 100 g
Tiger Prawn                                18 RM / 100 g
Prawn                                         45 RM / 100 g
Mud Crab                                   10 RM / 100 g
Beef                                   from 38 RM
Chicken                             from 18 RM
Beancurd & Vegetable      from 18 RM