Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant LangkawiUNKAIZAN


Lot 395 Jalan Telok Baru



Leaving Pantai Tengah in the direction of Awana, pass Holiday Villas and Federal Lodge. The restaurant is opposite the Lanai.

Tel:         +604 955 4118

Operating Hours: 6pm - 11pm
Closed every second Wednesday each  month
To truly describe the culinary experience at the award winning Japanese Restaurant, Unkaizan, one would need to invent a whole new vocabulary of superlatives!

The premises on the first floor are decorated in a Zen-style with traditional Japanese seating, and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding jungle, and the Andaman Sea on the horizon. The terrace is split in two levels. Shielded by lush tropical bushes, each section provides an intimate dining experience. The owner and Chef, Katsuji Takebayashi, fell in love with the Japanese culinary art as a young boy of 15 years! Passionate about the traditional Japanese cooking style that celebrates simplicity, Katsuji loves being hands-on, preparing his delicacies personally.

The extensive menu encompasses a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes including sushi and sashimi. Those who love seafood can hand-pick live fish, prawns and lobster from the restaurant’s aquarium, and choose among the many possible cooking styles their favorite: Shioyaki (grilled with salt), Teriyaki (grilled with sweet sauce), Teppanyaki (grilled on hot plate), or deep fried.

Very popular is the Japanese BBQ with a charcoal grill placed directly on your table, so that you can grill the deliciously marinated fish and meat yourself, enjoying not only the unique charcoal flavor but also the fun of preparation.

Whether you choose the signature rice cake or the home-made ice cream with a chocolate, green tea or the exotic wasabi flavor, the desserts are out-of-this-world! To make your culinary experience complete, Unkaizan carries an exquisite assortment of wine, and an extensive selection of sake that is served traditionally in a masu, imparting a subtle bamboo flavor. The owner’s love for the traditional Japanese cooking style is contagious! The inspired waiting staff is not only very friendly but also eager to share with you the secrets of the Japanese delicacies, and the artful way of their preparation. 

Seating Capacity:
Indoor:                                16 guests
Terrace:                              30 guests
First Floor:                          24 guests
(traditional style seating)

Price Range: 
Sushi                  from 10 RM
Sashimi               from 31 RM
Charcoal grill       24 - 66 RM
Stone Plate         44 - 70 RM
Dessert               12 - 24 RM