by Kamila Delart 

Sagar Restaurant LangkawiSAGAR


Tel:       +6 (0) 4  955 6610


Operating Hours:
Monday :      6 pm - 11.00pm
Tue - Sun: - 11.00pm

With a menu disguised as an enchanting hardcover book with a fairy-tale picture from ancient India, Sagar makes a tacit promise to take you on a sophisticated culinary journey with an authentic flavor of Northern Indian Cuisine.

And if you book a table at this fantastic restaurant, that is exactly the experience you will enjoy! Surrounded by a beautifully landscaped tropical garden, with dark wooden furniture illuminated by palm-leaf lamps, dishes served in ornamental copper-tableware and traditional Indian music gently playing in the background, the illusion of dining in India is perfect! The service is very attentive. But the real highlight is the food itself! Prepared true to the original cooking style of the Maharajah Era, incorporating a modern twist, the menu is bursting full of delicacies: Begin with a tandoori chicken fresh from a clay oven, accompanied by a mint sauce or try some of the tongue-tickling specialties from the streets of India. If looking for delicious vegetarian options choose from the wide variety of lentil-curries or enjoy a paneer cottage cheese with Indian spices and capsicum. Those who like poultry will love BBQ Reshimi Kebab marinated in mild herbs or the Murg Maharaja - a boneless chicken cooked with eggs in a tomato and onion based gravy. As a side, select one of the many available basmati rice options. Or go with Naan - the Kashmiri recipe with cottage cheese and dry fruits is to die for! Complete your dining experience with Pista Kulfi, an Indian style home-made ice cream, or enjoy a Lassi - a traditional yogurt drink flavored accordingly to your preference with mango, banana, or a choice of herbs or spices. With all dishes equally tempting, your best bet is to sample a variety of the Indian delicacies, sharing with your company. Then again … coming back is an equally smart strategy!

Seating Capacity:

Indoor Dining:  50 guests
Al Fresco:        80 guests
Function Hall: 120 guests

Price Range:

Tandoori BBQ      15 - 30 RM
Chatpata Chaat      5 - 22 RM
Soups                      6 -  9 RM  
Vegetarian            11 - 25 RM   
Chicken & Mutton 20 - 30 RM
Seafood                21 - 30 RM
Rice Specialties      8 - 30 RM
Indian-Chinese     10 - 22 RM