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Operating Hours: Noon until late evening

An enchanting dining venue, the Tulsi Garden carries the owner’s signature from the overall design through landscaping to the exquisite menu.

The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of the Tulsi plant, the Queen of Herbs’celebrated for thousands of years for herhealing and spiritual power.The sound of spouting fountains blends with Indian classical instrumental music. And when the sun goes down, the moon mirrors in the pond and the tables are illuminated by flickering candle light, the place has a truly romantic atmosphere.

While celebrating the culinary tradition of North & South India, the approach is contemporary, with spices utilized to bring out the natural flavor of the fresh ingredients rather than overpowering the taste buds with piquancy. Based on secret formulas, the spices are freshly ground and blended in-house, providing each dish with an exotic flavor. Cooked-to-order, you can enjoy your favorite meal as mild or as spicy as you like.

Begin your culinary journey with a seafood soup with fragrant herbs, savor Tulsi special Caesar Salad with home-made sauce or go for the all-time-favorite Chicken Tikka marinated in mildly seasoned yoghurt and prepared in the tandoor oven. When it comes to main course, enjoy Curry Madras, a tender lamb cooked in curry paste with onions, tomatoes, chili, ginger, garlic & herbs, opt for Kurma, a cubed beef prepared in thick creamy nutty sauce, or treat yourself to the Tulsi Garden Lobster, the restaurant’s most famous signature dish. Your children will love the yummy taste of a butter chicken, vegetarians are sure to be delighted by the large selection of their favorites, and should you prefer Western cuisine, the grilled Sirloin steak served with buttered vegetable, potato wedges and black pepper sauce is an excellent choice. To complete your dining experience, try Rasagulla, cheese balls in saffron cream, or indulge in a home-made ice cream with cardamom cream and cashew nuts. Make sure you try the organic wine imported from Moldavia. Should you fall in love with the exquisite flavor, you will be happy to hear that the wine is available for purchase.

Having opened its doors nearly 10 years ago as the very first dinning Indian restaurant on the island, Tulsi Garden recently moved to a new lovely location to accommodate the many returning guests. The success recipe? Apart from the exquisite cuisine, the restaurant is known for outstanding service! Whether your wine glass is nearly empty or the evening breeze happens to blow out your candle, the attentive waiting staffwill step in prior to you even noticing…

Seating Capacity: 90-120 guests

Indoor Dining: 42 guests (mobile air-con on request)
Al Fresco:       64 guests
Bar:                 20 - 30 guests

Functions up to 120 guests

Popular venue for :
  - Private gatherings
  - Cocktail parties
  - Birthday celebrations
  - Wedding dinner & parties
  - Corporate events
  - Travel group dinners
  - Prize giving ceremonies

Price Range:

Appetizer      5 - 18 RM
Vegetarian     5 - 12 RM
Chicken       16 - 18 RM
Lamb & Beef        22 RM
Local Fair    10 - 18 RM
Western       16 - 36 RM
Seafood Market price /100 gram
Dessert        7 -12 RM

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