Tel: +6 012 482 8140


Operating Hours:

Thursday - Tuesday
8am - 1pm Breakfast
4pm -11pm Snacks & Dinner

Open for 16 years and bursting at the seams with returning guests, the Cactus Restaurant is famous for its laid-back, super friendly atmosphere!

Visiting for the first time? Let’s bet it won’t take five minutes for you to feel like a regular - itching to add your signature on the house bar or to pin onto the wall a T-shirt with your favorite soccer club logo just as the many other guests before you.

Surrounded by mementos left behind by happy diners, listening to a spontaneous jam-session or in an animated conversation with the charismatic owner, Lip, you are unlikely to leave your table before the closing time - just to return the next day for a leisurely brunch.

Whether you like to start your day with a pancake with maple syrup, a bowl of cornflakes in fresh milk or a proper English breakfast with sunny-side-up egg, fried potatoes, baked beans and grilled chicken sausages, mushrooms and tomatoes, the breakfast menu is so extensive, you are sure to find your favorite.

In the mood for an afternoon snack before you head back to the beach? Try chicken burger or a beef club sandwich.

If you are having a diner at the Cactus, start with a beef or chicken satay with peanut sauce or the homemade spring rolls with vegetable filling. When it comes to main course, opt for the Thai-style beef with basil, onion chili and bamboo shoots or indulge in Duck Kerabu in a spicy sauce. A seafood lover? The barracuda filet in black pepper sauce, stir-fried golden spice prawns with onion, lime leaf and chili, or tiger prawns and lobster from the BBQ corner are to die for! Should you be craving Western food, order a creamy mushroom soup followed by a rump steak served with fried onions and French fries. The perfect finale? Apple pie or a banana fritter accompanied by ice cream!

A favorite dining spot among Germans who love to chat to the owner in their mother tongue and select their meals from the German menu, the Cactus Restaurant is also very popular with the British, Dutch and Scandinavians. So if you want to meet some fellow travelers, just come over!

Seating Capacity: 80 guests

Price Range:

Breakfast                      RM    8 - 24

Salads & Sandwiches   RM    7 - 16
Local Delights              RM    6 - 12

Soup & Starter             RM    6 - 12
Main Course                RM  12 - 32
Dessert                       RM     5 - 10