A CULINARY HEAVEN WITH A VIEW! – Fisherman’s Wharf at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

by Mark


            Fisherman’s Wharf at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club

Eagerly awaited, the ambitious re-development of the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club has been completed and while only just open, the venue is quickly becoming the most popular location in town & beyond!

Built in the style of a Mediterranean harbor town, the picturesque place lures with the flair of French Riviera, a dreamy marina view, stunning sunsets and a firework of flavors sure to delight even those with the most discerning taste!

Intrigued? Let me walk you through the  – a collection of themed dining outlets that belong on your must-visit list!


Decorated with fishing nets, antique tillers and photographs with a marine theme, the legendary CHARLIE’S BAR & GRILL exudes a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Opening early in the morning and serving a hearty American Breakfast with crispy hash browns, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, chicken sausages and crunchy bacon – the perfect place to start a day! If you stop for a quick bite over lunch, you will love the juicy chicken burger or a sandwich with grilled sirloin with a BBQ sauce. But most exciting are the evenings!

Whether you indulge in local specialties such as the famous ‘Beef Rendang’ or the signature ‘Clay-pot noodles’, savor a ‘Mediterranean Mezze Platter’ or delight in a ‘Spanish Mackerel with herbs and lemon-parsley yogurt sauce’ – you are sure to love not only the flavor of your food but also the amazing atmosphere!

A favorite meeting spot of yachties, Charlie’s brims in the evenings with adventure stories about ships in heavy storms, months spent on the open sea, and dreamlike anchorages the sailors discovered while circumnavigating the world. With a glass of Tiger, Heineken or Guinness in front of you and the cheerful melodies of baskers in the background – an evening to remember!

Do you prefer a more intimate atmosphere? You have plenty of options! Just see which of the dining outlets catches your eye. Or better yet – enjoy a sundowner and an appetizer at one place and move to the next for dinner to make the most of your evening!

If you walk all the way through Charlie’s, you will discover LA’PAQ AYAQ CAFÉ – a lovely hideaway and a true culinary gem!!

Under the command of Chef Zudy who has been cooking for 5* resorts for more than two decades, the kitchen specializes in halal Malay cuisine, serving for breakfast the famous Nasi Lemak and Roti Bakar and tempting throughout the day with Pulut Mangga, a delicious Laksa, the prawn noodle dish ‘Mee Udang Galah’ and other local favorites.

The absolute highlight?! You can impossibly miss the ‘Steamboat Seasplash’ for two! Placed in the center of your table, the hot pot filled with deliciously seasoned stew simmers throughout your meal while the waiter gradually adds vegetables, tofu, egg dumplings, thinly sliced meat and freshly caught fish, squid, mussels and prawns. While the first two rounds are served with the spicy broth and enjoyed as a soup, the seafood is presented with a traditional, Thai & a green chilli sauce that add the signature flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

And then there is the blueberry cheesecake… Light and flavorsome unlike any other you have eaten in your entire life!

Curious about the recipes that turn classics into epicurean meals? The secret ingredient is passion! Not a fan of precise measurements, Chef Zudy personally tastes every single meal as it is prepared, adding a pinch of salt and a dash of spice until the taste is just right! And of course, he is constantly creating new dishes – currently developing a menu with Italian specialties such as ‘Backed Seafood Pasta’ or the ‘Cheesy Oregano-Mushroom Chicken’ served with fresh garden salad drenched in honey-mustard dressing. A vegetarian? If so, look forward to the ‘Omnivora Lasagne’ and other meatless dishes that are soon to be added!

The lovely presentation, exceptionally attentive service and a dreamy view make the dining experience a truly memorable one. So if you happen to live in Langkawi, La’Paq Aya Café is likely to become one of your favorite restaurants!

Ready to explore the dining outlets on the upper floor?! Walk up a flight of stairs and head to the very corner.

Tempting with a super casual pub-like atmosphere, SCARBOROUGH FISH ‘N CHIPS specializes in fish & seafood dishes while sticking to its very affordable pricing. A proven success recipe that made the restaurant’s beach location at Tanjung Rhu a favorite of many resident expats. So if you are a Langkawian, take a look around before heading to an empty table. Chances are, the place is packed with familiar faces eager to test the new location so you may want to join the round.

Catching up with a friend over a drink or two? Your favorite beverage will taste even better when accompanied by fat chips, calamari rings or chicken wings!

Tempted to stay for a full meal after a quick look at the menu? Not surprising considering the great variety of fish available! Whether you choose a ‘Cream of Dory’, ‘Snow Fish in Tempura Batter’, ‘Seasoned Barracuda with chips & mixed salad’ or the all-time favorite, ‘Pan-fried Barramundi’ served with fried prawns, broccoli and butter potatoes – you are sure to enjoy the fresh taste! Is you company less enthusiastic about fish & seafood? You will find on the menu also a ‘Chicken Schnitzel’ marinated in parmesan cheese butter, ‘Lamb Shoulder Chops’ topped with black pepper sauce or a ‘Chicken Cordon Blue’ served with mashed potatoes and a mixed salad. So there is absolutely no need for either of you to compromise!

Just a few steps away and with the most spectacular view is HUGO’S SUNSET BAR. Painted in bright orange, vibrating with the contagious rhythm of Cuban music, and boasting a cozy sofa where you can savor the smoky flavor of Jack Daniel’s and indulge in a hand-rolled Havana cigar – the best spot to enjoy the sunset! Just wait and watch the sky above the harbor explode in golden, orange and rich magenta hues. An amazing spectacle!

But the breathtaking view is only one reason to visit! Eager to delight locals as much as travelers from all over the world, Hugo’s put together a menu that caters to every taste. If you would like to sample some local halal specialties, order ‘Nasi Goreng’, ‘Cantonese Kwetiau’, or ‘Chicken Rendang’ – a caramelized chicken curry traditionally prepared for festive occasions by Sumatran Minangkabau tribes. Craving western food? The ‘Creamy Soup of Fresh Forest Mushrooms’, ‘Spaghetti Aglio E Olio’ with fresh chilies, toasted garlic and prawns and the ‘Chicken Chop’ with herbs and black pepper sauce are simply delicious. But what you really shouldn’t miss are Hugo’s pizzas!!! With dough made from scratch, a home-made tomato concassé and a golden baked crispy crust probably the best on the entire island!! The absolute favorite?! Topped with fresh mozzarella, spicy beef salami and fresh chillies, the’ Diavola Pizza’ has a major addiction potential! Along with the super charming service – a reason to come back over and over again!

Ready for a true culinary revelation? If so, head to JAKE’S CHARBROIL STEAK !! With a history of 36 years and two outlets in Kuala Lumpur frequented by Malaysia’s former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir, the golf legend Tiger Woods and Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Michelle Yeoh who played Pierce Brosnan’s Bond Girl in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ – a restaurant with a high-carat reputation!!

For a good reason as you will realize the moment you step in! Taking you on a journey back in time, the interior boasts rustic wooden beams, antique carriage wheels repurposed as chandeliers, giant wine barrels and booths reminiscent of an old coach that used to roam the Wild, Wild West. Even an overhead baggage storage is included 🙂  and the cowboy music playing in the background makes the fantasy complete!

The only drift from the tradition of the Wild West is the staff 🙂 . Instead of a rough bartender who shares raunchy jokes and waitresses flaunting saucy cleavages, you will be served by refined and exceptionally attentive staff!! And what they present are easily some of the best dishes Langkawi can offer!

Cooking with the best ingredients and halal-certified beef from Australia, Jake’s follows the original recipes, lovingly tweaked & fine-tuned over the years by the three founding pioneers. With too many great choices on the menu, it’s close to impossible to pick a favorite. But since you have to choose – start with ‘Jake’s Crispy Potato Skin’ with crunchy vegetables and smoked beef or indulge in ‘Escargot Bourguignonne’ – tender snails in a heavenly sauce flavored with 13 secret herbs.

For a true taste of the Wild West, order a steaming bowl of a thick ‘Oxtail Stew’, savor a ‘Tenderloin of Australian Wagyu’ charbroiled to your liking with Jake’s very own basting sauce, or go with the all-time-favorite – ‘BBQ Spare Ribs’. Soaked for full 24 hours in Jake’s signature marinade and barbecued to perfection – a true revelation! Especially if paired with a bottle of an exquisite wine from the extensive wine list that boasts labels from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, France and other famous wine regions.

In the mood for a sweet finale? Treat yourself to a ’Country-Style Hot Apple Pie Alamode’ or indulge in the delicious home-made cashew nut brittle. Amazing flavors you can only get with Jake’s!

Would you like to change the venue prior to indulging in some guilty pleasures? If so, head straight to SUGGAR DADDY’S – an ice cream parlor you are sure to fall in love with whether you are five years old or just about to retire!

Until recently a treat reserved for the guests of selected five star resorts, the halal ice cream is manufactured on the island utilizing state-of the art equipment from Italy and following European standards with no artificial flavoring or coloring added! Lactose intolerant? No worries! With a variety of sorbets available – you get to indulge just as much!

Utilizing only the best available ingredients and tropical fruits freshly harvested on the island, the ice cream and sorbets burst with flavor and the selection is simply unbelievable. Just imagine – 28 flavors to choose from!! And that’s if you don’t take into account the seasonal ice-cream menu with signature flavors created to celebrate Hari Raya, Diwali, Easter or the themed ice cream weeks with the taste of America, Mexico or Scandinavia.

Whether ‘Teh Tarik’, ‘Dates & Almond’, ‘Chocolate with Chilli’ or a ‘Tiramisu’ flavor or a fruity temptation such as ‘Mangosteen & Pomegranate Sorbet’ or ‘Strawberry-Basil’ ice cream – regardless your choice, you will be in heaven! So much so, you are likely to stop by just to grab a cone even if you don’t have the time to enjoy a lunch or dinner at the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Still struggling which outlet you should choose? With the great selection of dining venues quite understandable :-). Then again – you don’t really have to decide!! If you live in Lankgawi, simply book a table at a different venue each time you visit. And in case you are a tourist – why don’t you simply stay at the LANGKAWI YACHT CLUB HOTEL on the top floor and test all the restaurants as you go for lunch and dinner…

Boasting 44 spacious rooms & suites, the 3* boutique property celebrates the maritime theme, with corridors adorned by lifebuoys-framed quotes that are sure to get you in the vacation mood!

The contemporary interior is designed in blue & white, perfectly matching the color-palette of the harbor view. The walls display atmospheric photographs of yachts with sails proudly glistening against the eternal blue of the sea and the large mirrors in bathrooms are framed by beautiful driftwood panels.

All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with cable TV, Wi-Fi, and tea/coffee making facilities. Access to the yacht club’s swimming pool and jacuzzi is complimentary.

The absolute highlight? If you book a room facing the marina, the view from your terrace is so incredible, you may want to spend the entire day out there: watching at dawn tiny fishermen boats leaving with empty nets just to return in a few hours with the day’s catch, ogling the rich & beautiful as they enjoy a leisurely brunch aboard their luxury yachts, taking in the spectacular sunset or enjoying with your loved one a glass of chilled Champagne under the starry canopy of night.

Is lazing around not your preferred way to spend holidays? No worries! The on-site travel agent will be delighted to arrange any sightseeing & land-based nature activities you can possibly think of. And if you want to enjoy a day on the sea – you can charter a yacht, enjoy a shared day or sunset cruise, explore the archipelago on a jet-ski tour or join a snorkeling and diving trip to the nearby Pulau Payar Marine Park. With all activities bookable on the premises, and boats & jet skis departing directly from the marina – the perfect set-up for great holidays!


ROYAL LANGKAWI YACHT CLUB, Jalan Dato’ Syed Omar, 07000 Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia, Tel : +604-966 4078, Fax : +604-966 5078, Email : office@langkawiyachtclub.com


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