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Fresh look for a brand-new year ?

New medical beauty clinic in Langkawi

‘What could be more beautiful than a face marked by the victories and little dramas of the past, the laughter and tears that made me who I am. My face tells the story of my life. Why would I want to erase a single line…’

A beautiful quote from Lynsay Sands that got a record number of shares when hitting social media a while ago – lifting the spirits of all the women born before 1975. Not a big surprise! Then a healthy dose of reassurance and a little comfort is just what we need when we look into the mirror and discover yet another wrinkle…

Sure. The insecure teenage girl that used to compare herself to the heavily photoshopped models featured in high-gloss fashion magazines is long gone. Having raised a pair of adorable kids and climbed the career ladder, we have some perspective. And no time to obsess about a few tiny flaws… But let’s be honest! No matter how mature and confident – deep down we all agree: Aging sucks! Or else, we wouldn’t be buying yet another miracle cream and have an emotional breakdown when L’Oréal discontinues our favourite hair colour 🙂

The question is – why do we try so hard to embrace the noble concept of ‘graceful aging’ instead of looking for a solution that will lift not only our spirits but also the sagging jawline. With all the progress in medical beauty and anti-aging treatments available – leaning back and passively watching the time take its toll is a CHOICE!

Barely invasive and of non-permanent nature – Botox, fillers and the revolutionary thread-lift can be administered within half an hour. No pain, no recovery time, easy on your wallet – and a guarantee to receive plenty of compliments on how fresh and relaxed you look.

Still hesitating? Why not schedule an appointment with Dr. Siti Aishah Yunos at the contemporary, well-equipped Aishah Specialist Clinic in Pekan Rabu / Kuah!
With a Bachelor of Medicine obtained at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, a Fellowship in Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, advanced Diploma in Dermatology and more than 10 years hands-on experience, Dr. Aishah will be delighted to provide an individual consultation – explaining the benefits of each available treatment and answering any questions you may have.


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