An Invitation to Dropstone Cafe in Oriental Village, Langkawi

by Mark

Shirley, 16 July 2009

Opening ceremony and wedding receptions at Dropstone Cafe

The staff of Langkawi Gazette had been invited with honour by Shamel, the marketing and operation manager of Dropstone cafe, to the opening ceremony and the wedding reception of two newly weds yesterday. It was Mark’s first time to be invited to a wedding in Langkawi after 7 years!

The ceremony was officially launched by En. Shamsuddin B. Shuib, the managing director of LADA Eco-Tourism. The wedding reception was different from the previous ones I went to as it had a more modernised and formal feel to it. The families, relatives and friends of both wedded couples were there to celebrate the happiness with them.

Langkawi Gazette - Shahid & Nurul Fitriah

                               Najib and Adilla                               Shahid and Nurul Fitriah

We were kindly greeted by Shamel. He introduced us to En. Shamsuddin and the newly wedded couples. The meal was buffet style that served delicious Malay food. Now and then, the brides and grooms came out to greet and mingle with the guests. Besides the delectable food, the guests were entertained with love songs played by the DJ.

Langkawi Gazette - ShamelAfter having our meal, Shamel came to talk to us for awhile. Being a fan of Langkawi Gazette, he visits our website regularly. We know from Shamel that Dropstone Cafe specialises in selected good Western, Arabian and local dishes. Besides organizing functions and accepting reservation for dinner, lunch, barbecue, birthday party and others, they also provide a meeting section upon request.

Feel free to drop by Dropstone Cafe while you’re in Oriental Village and enjoy the variety of food served there.

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