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Driving along the coastline with breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea, I realize that it has been ages since I indulged in a marine adventure. And that despite living on this beautiful island! If other people can fly across the globe to explore our magical archipelago, surely I should be able to set a day aside! Before my ‘internal boss’ interferes, reminding me of all the assignments I should be working on, I reach for my cell phone and arrange a Day Cruise with TROPICAL CHARTERS. The best idea I had in the last few months!

Boarding the Seasation a few days later, I marvel at how spacious the twin deck catamaran is. There is a lower deck with colorful Thai - triangle mats that lure to sunbathing, and when I climb the stairs I discover a huge shaded area with upholstered benches along the railing and two huge loungers in the very middle. The perfect spot to sprawl out and enjoy the view!


An advertorial by Kamila Delart

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Having spent far too much time in front of my computer lately, it’s about time I took a proper day off.  I close my eyes, picturing a picnic on the beach, a hike through the jungle… But the enchanting beauty of the Langkawi Archipelago with its 99 islands seem to have casted a spell over me. So I quickly decide to treat myself with a leisurely day on the Andaman Sea.  I enjoyed quite a few wonderful cruises in the past, so this time I am looking for something special. And then I remember.  CRYSTAL YACHT HOLIDAYS, an innovative charter company specialized in quality sightseeing and adventure sailing, is supposed to be offering a rather unique Geopark Day Cruise with a BBQ on a deserted island. Robinson Crusoe for the day? Sounds perfect!

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An advertorial by Kamila Delart 

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With my birthday slowly aproaching, I’m trying to think of something special to do. And then it strikes me. Sunset Cruise! The perfect plan for this special occasion! Making a few phone calls, I book the Sunset Dinner Cruise with TROPICAL CHARTERS, a fully licensed and insured provider with a variety of boats from  ‘Seasation’, a twin deck catamaran, through the luxurious sailing yacht ‘Suka-Suka’, to Warisan Duyong, a stunning wooden yacht built in traditional Malay style. Apart form ‘Grace’, ‘Alexandra’ and ‘Baby Tonga’- the preferred choice for private charters.