Bridge between Perlis and Langkawi

by Mark

Mark: 24 Aug 2010 / Bernama
Updated: 29 Aug 2010 /3rd link, bottom of page, with interesting content

We wrote about this project about a year ago – but it seems still to be in the air – hovering just slightly above the water into which many hope it will plunge to be forgotten for good…

The project we mean is the planned bridge between Perlis and Langkawi.

“Two companies based in Perlis had proposed to build this 48km bridge linking Langkawi to Kuala Perlis on the mainland.

Juruelit Sdn Bhd executive chairman Kamarudin Husin said on Friday the company had enough funds to build the project which includes a monorail bridge.”


“Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is against the proposed Langkawi bridge project as it will erode the island’s unique features.

“Langkawi must remain as an island and unsuitable to be turned into a land mass,” he told reporters . . . after presenting chocolates and cash to 120 orphans and special children at Masjid Istiqamah in Kuala Teriang here Sunday night. “

And an other article claims: “ Various quarters, including residents in Langkawi, are against the proposed bridge between the island and Kuala Perlis.

Langkawi Member of Parliament Datuk Paduka Abu Bakar Taib said the project could result in traffic congestion as it would allow more vehicles from the mainland to enter the island.

Kampung Kuala Melaka Federal Village Security and Development Committee (JKKKP) chairman Fadzil Din said the project could adversely affect tourism industry in Langkawi.

Tourists would not want to spend overnight in Langkawi as they would be able to return to the mainland, he added.”

Let’s hope they believe him . . .




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