Classic Yacht Restoration in Thailand

by Mark

Bob, 21 Sept. 2009

The story of the restoration of “EIGER”,
by Gai and Mike.

A Classic Cornu plan built by Vandernotte,
Nantes, France in 1961.

Whilst continuing our cruising/working
holiday on SV Whimoway, and after 3 years
in Satun, southern Thailand whilst Mike
was Head Shipwright on the historical
restoration of the 113 year old gaff ketch
yacht Cariad, we now find ourselves
restoring another boat of our own, ‘EIGER’.

EIGER’s main appeal is in her complete originality including all the bronze fittings used when she was built as well as the original fitout. She is mahogany planked on acacia frames. The combination of Eugene Cornu’s lines with Vandernottes craftmanship makes this original classic a sight to behold!

Once again the restoration is taking place in Chebilung, Thailand.

The local people who are employed by us have all the skills necessary for the job after working with Mike on Cariad for 3 years. Our main crew are Chat and Dee who come with us to the southern islands to work as we have a generator and all necessary tools with us. We will be returning to the hard stand soon to replace rigging and finish the topsides.

We hope to complete this project by December 2009.

EIGER is now back in the water with new stainless steel rigging plus her topsides have been stripped to bare timber and repainted. We now begin the varnishing and completion of EIGER’s interior.  Then we will be looking for a buyer.

For more info and photo gallery: see here

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