Malaysia my 2nd Home: Continually Changing

by Mark

In our Experience you DO need an Agency to help you to get the ‘Malaysia my 2nd Home Program’ to the best, latest conditions, hassle free and within a reasonable time…

In our Experience you DO need an Agency to help you to get the ‘Malaysia my 2nd Home Program’ to the best, latest conditions, hassle free and within a reasonable time frame.

We are lucky to have an agency in Malaysia, which has procured the MM2H to many expats living on Langkawi who can testify that this special agency has given them a very good, personal care.

If you want to know more, please contact


What it is in general terms:

If you can proof, that you have enough money – and/or a substantial regular monthly income – and are ready to deposit a certain amount on a Bank Acct. in Malaysia, you can apply for a MM2H-Visa which allows you stay here for up to 10 years, plus extensions.
The details of this program have been changed again and again – and underwent still some changes within the last month.
So what you read below might not be the newest information.

Who can apply:

Anyone over 18 from any country recognized by Malaysia unless married to a Malaysian. It is basically targeted at retirees, holiday home purchasers and people wanting to educate and accompany their children in Malaysia.
How to apply: First you could apply personally, then only with an Agent, now again you can apply personally or with an agent. This might change back and forth. Enquire at the time you want to apply.


Visa Holders can not work full time in Malaysia (at the moment 20 hrs) – and need a special permission to do so (very similar to Workpermit or employment Pass).
See separate paragraph at the end of this page.

Financial Criteria: see below


One tax free car, can hire a foreign maid, can buy residential property, no tax on foreign income, special lane at immigration.

Latest Changes – as per April 2009


New: Those under 50 have to keep a minimum of RM150,000 on deposit in a Malaysian bank and those over 50 have to place a minimum of RM100,000. (After 1st April 2009).

Applicants who apply for a visa themselves can do so and do not need an agent. Instead they must obtain a police clearance certificate from their last country of residence. But: if they use an agent, they do not have to do this – as the agent will guarantee for them (sponsor them).

There is now a requirement that cars imported tax free have to be owned for at least six months before applying for the visa. This is because the privilege is intended for people who have a strong attachment to their existing car. The government would, understandably, prefer applicants to buy a car in Malaysia. Unless the MM2Her really feels strongly about bringing their car with them then in terms of maintenance and obtaining spare parts we think it’s best to buy a tax free one in Malaysia.

ID cards are now available but only for the primary applicant.

MM2H and Part Time Work
Since February 2009 – those who are here under the ‘Malaysia my 2nd Home’ Plan, are allowed to work part time.

The exact paragraph reads: “Qualified MM2H participants aged 50 and above with specialised skills and expertise that are required in the critical sectors of the economy, are allowed to work not more than 20 hours per week.” (Source here).

In speaking to several people who are on the MM2H Plan, I saw that many of them did not realise, that for working part time they still need to apply for a permit which can be granted or not – depending upon different requirements.
The Guidelines for Part Time Work you find here: Guidelines for Part Time Work.

This information has been put together with the help of an Article by Andy Davidson in THE EXPAT and with the above mentioned websites

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