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By Kamila Delart

Boasting two award-wining restaurants, the Gulai House famous for authentic Malay and Indian cuisine and The Pavilion that has been repeatedly celebrated by the Malaysian Tatler for its exquisite Thai cuisine, The Datai Langkawi just added new culinary highlights that make the dining experience at the iconic resort truly outstanding!

Recently launched, the themed ‘Spirit Nights’ take discerning diners on a sensory journey that goes far beyond a gastronomic experience.

Overlooking the Andaman Sea with dreamy silhouettes of the THAI ‘Tarutao Islands’ on the horizon, The Dining Room and the grand platform around the quiet pool lure on Saturday evenings with the ‘SPIRIT OF SIAM’. Dressed in red costumes embellished with gold ornaments as traditionally worn at the Royal Thai Palace, the waiting staff welcomes guests with a glass of chilled champagne.

The space resonates with gentle melodies of Kim, a traditional Thai string instrument played with bamboo sticks. The pool is flanked by festive stations that charm with live art demonstrations from delicate Thai fruit carvings and ornamental painting on sun umbrellas, to the making of traditional shadow puppets and the design of Bai Sri, a decoration made of banana leaves and jasmine blossoms, believed to bring happiness and prosperity.

The air is filled with a tantalizing aroma that draws guests towards live cooking stations where they can observe the preparation of a spicy papaya salad, sample freshly grilled seafood or chicken accompanied by a variety of traditional Thai sauces. A must try is the famous Miang Kam, a rare delicacy with roasted peanuts, dried shrimp, shredded coconut, ginger and a myriad of spices wrapped in a Cha Plu Leaf.

Long buffet tables bow down under the rich assortment of spicy appetizers, delicious mains and exquisite desserts. And while savoring the exotic flavors of the Thai cuisine, guests get to enjoy the

performance of graceful Thai dancers who present traditional pieces such as ‘Yaran in Pursuit of the Peacock’ or ‘Rabam Dok Bua’ – a dance worshiping the lotus flower as a symbol of good luck bestowed to the audience.

With chefs, musicians, dancers and artisans flown in for the culinary event all the way from southern Thailand, the Spirit of Siam lingers around, delighting guests with a truly authentic experience of the Thai culture.

Equally captivating is the ‘SPIRIT OF THE ANDAMAN’, a dining experience that takes place every Wednesday on the tranquil coastline of the Datai Bay.

Set directly on the beach with a mesmerizing view of the emerald green Andaman Sea, the culinary event begins with a signature ‘Sea Foam’ cocktail that blends vodka and blue curacao with pineapple, vanilla syrup and ginger for a dreamy tropical sunset experience.

Wearing loose white attire with a traditional sarong and a wide-brimmed straw hat in the style of local fishermen, the waiting staff escorts guests to tables decorated with blue table runners, coarse-meshed fishing nets and seashells that glisten in the flickering light of candles, celebrating the marine theme.

The sea breeze carries the aroma of fresh seafood and fish that sizzles over a charcoal grill, and the long display counter lures with mouthwatering oysters, freshly caught prawns, crabs and giant lobsters accompanied by savory salads and piquant sauces and condiments.
Keeping with the theme, the names of the dishes are noted on card holders that depict tiny sailing boats, and the tableware is made of opaque blue glass reminiscent of the nightly sea. With a warm sand between the toes, the soothing sound of waves breaking against the shores and the delicious flavor of seafood on one’s tongue, the Spirit of the Andaman seems truly present…

Whether a royal Siam fantasy or a poetic fishermen’s fairytale, the ‘Spirit Nights’ have been received by guests with so much enthusiasm, The Datai Langkawi is planning to launch also the ‘SPIRIT OF MALAYSIA’, a regular culinary event with authentic Malay delicacies and a traditional Malay dance performance accompanied by gamelan music. Available from February on – without doubt another gastronomic highlight guests will remember for years to come…

Intrigued? The unique culinary events are open to outside guests! The Spirit Nights are priced at RM 300 per person (child RM 150), subject to 10% service charge.

For further enquiries and reservations, please contact THE DATAI LANGKAWI:

Tel: +60 4 9500 600 Email: 

Early reservations are recommended.

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