by Mark

Mark: 13 August 2010

See comments: it was an other rock . . .

On the 9th of August, the Catamaran


operated and managed by Crystal Yacht Holidays, set sail on its sunset cruise. They hit a rock (which should be a known rock to every Captain) and started sinking. Crystal Yachts Director who was on board called Awana Marina for help and a rescue boat was dispatched. The rescue boat was captained by Captain Din and all passengers were safely brought to land.

From what we heard, there were more persons aboard than her license allowed – and nobody was wearing life jackets . . .

We hope that they have learned the lessons they obviously had to learn and recover fast from this mishap.

The cat was salvaged and brought to ex ‘Wavemaster’.

Crystal Yacht Holidays is operating on the island since 1989 and is well known and documented with many raving reviews on Trip Advisor. We wish them all the best.


Bob wrote: “If the rock is the one near Awana, I have marked it on the “Anchorage Map” and warned about it in the text. In the 21 years I’ve been sailing around that area it has always been a problem that you had to look out for and check charts for the position. Many boats over the years have hit it and it’s amazing that absolutely nothing has been done to have a it marked with a beacon.  It’s the most dangerous rock in all Langkawi waters…  and just lurks a few inches under the water at high tide. . . “

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