The Poetry of Riding Waves

by Mark


Exploring Langkawi’s Nature on Jet Skis

An advertorial by Kamila Delart


Geysers of water bouncing off the bow. The thrill of speed. Conquest of the ocean…  Images that come to my mind when picturing a jet ski adventure. I have to admit, an adrenalin-kick does have its own appeal. But then – I am not the most daring person. So when I come across MEGA WATER SPORTS that offer apart from the ‘hard core’ jet ski trips also guided sightseeing tours through the breathtaking Langkawi Archipelago, I am truly intrigued.  What an original idea!

And so, only two days later, I put on a life jacket, and listen along with five other participants to the instructions of our guide. Since safety is of high priority at Mega Water Sports, he not only explains how to maneuver the vehicle, but we also learn simple gestures allowing us to communicate from afar, and are advised to keep throughout the tour a moderate speed, and a secure distance between the single jet skis. And then the adventure begins!

We first head to Dayang Bunting, an island resembling a pregnant woman lying on her back. I have heard a lot about this place, so when I learn that we have nearly an hour to explore the island, I am delighted. We follow the path, admiring the lush green of the surrounding  rainforest, pausing to watch the joyful play of the monkeys around. One of them seems a little shy, and when I look closely, I realize why. It’s a mommy carrying her baby. Anxious to make sure that her little one is safe. How adorable!

But the main attraction of the island is the ‘Lake of the Pregnant Maiden’, and so we continue walking, climbing up the stairs to finally reach the top. 
I have seen pictures before. And yet, nothing has prepared me for the amazing view in front of me! Originally a huge limestone cave, the cavern collapsed thousands of years ago, and capturing rain, it formed over time a fresh water lake surrounded by hills overgrown with dense jungle. The water shimmers in alluring turquoise, and I decide to escape the heat of the day, and plunge into the cool water. Turning on my back, and floating around, I think about the legend surrounding this magical place:

It’s a fairy-tale-like story of Mat Teja who fell in love with a beautiful princess, Mambang Sari. Rubbing a mermaid’s tear drop on his face, Mat Teja was blessed with good fortune, finally winning the heart of his chosen one.  Very much in love, the couple had a son. But the joy of the parents didn’t last long with the baby dying only a few days later. Heartbroken, Mambag Sari laid her child to rest in peace near the lake. And wishing to save others from pain caused by a similar faith, she blessed the water so that all childless women become fertile after taking a bath… Not that I am planning to become pregnant any time soon. But the mystical story kind of got to me, making me wonder whether I feel any different when I step out from the enchanted lake.

Back on jet skis, we thread our way through a myriad of tiny islands until we reach ‘The Fjords’. Shielded from all sides by islands, the place is secluded and quiet, and the water crystal clear. Some from our group cannot resist, and go for a quick swim, while I lean back, stretching out on the saddle. Cradled by gentle waves there and back, I watch the candy-floss cloudlets wander across the  blue sky, taking in the peace of the moment.

Following our guide, we then head towards the magnificent limestone rock formations towering at a steep angle from the emerald green water. But this time, we get really close. Moving at idle speed, we float underneath the overhanging rocks, exploring mysterious caverns, looking up to admire the great monolithic limestone pinnacles with coloured streaks of mineral sediments and fossilized oysters that mark the layers of time.  From one of the tiny caves comes flying out a bird. Reminding us with an ominous scream that we are just visitors to this magical place. Privileged to witness the beauty, allowed to savour the poetry of nature. Before we return to our own world.

Looping back, we hear this forceful sound of wings cutting through the air. And as we lift our heads, there are ten, maybe fifteen eagles. Their russet wings widely spread, they circle around. Wild, self-determined, free…. Perfectly synchronized, we are told at that exact moment, that this is the time to unleash our inner beast. Handling the jet skis became meanwhile a cinch, in front of us are miles and miles of wide sea, and so we rev up, and spread in all directions.  I feel the energy of the waves,  the wind in my hair, the droplets of salty water on my skin… And there it is. The feeling of complete freedom.

The last stop of our four hours adventure is a tiny deserted island with an offshore reef. Provided with a snorkel gear, the entire group disappears in the emerald water, excited to explore the colourful underwater world. While I remain on the coast, thrilled  to have the entire island to myself. I walk along the beach, admiring exotic seashells, watching crabs disappear in tiny holes in the sand, and contemplating my next jet ski adventure. 

Apart from other tours, MEGA WATER SPORTS offers upon request also personalized private trips. I picture exploring for hours the labyrinth of limestone formations. Just me, the guide and nature! With some luck, we may even get to see dolphins! Not something that happens on a regular basis. But who knows. After the brilliant experience today, everything seems possible…

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