Gerard – the Cat Man – passed away

by Mark

Mark: 22 Dec. 2009

Yesterday evening at about 19.00 Gerard Lejeune passed away. He was in his garden when he suddenly fell down from what seems to have been a stroke.
Gerard was well known to many on this island. He was a very special, original ‘character’: coming from noble ancestors outside of Paris, France, he became first a medical doctor who worked for the pharmaceutical research in Switzerland, then started to breed German Shepherds with a huge success.

When his most beloved dog got sick and died, he stopped breeding dogs. Being crippled on one leg from a car accident (of course he drove too fast, again) he nevertheless bought himself a sailing boat and sailed through the world – to arrive and stay at Langkawi. Here he bred cats – Maine Coone Cats – with which he won many international prizes.

Those who did not know him as the famous cat breeder, knew him as the owner of the only Lotus on the island. Gerard was a very helpful man, as I have experienced myself many times. It’s a pity he passed away now – just as his new home and his two houses for the cats had been finished.

Gerard was a good, reliable friend with a high ethics standard in his ‘business’. He will be missed.

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