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Gunung Raya Viewing Tower

Costs:..........................Road Toll 50 Cents
.....................................Tower Access: RM 10.00 
Phone Numbers:........Restaurants
: 013 227 7829 
Links:...........................Website  (Resort only) 
Where it is:.................See Overview Chart   

You will have a beautiful 360° view of Langkawi and the surrounding islands from this viewing tower.

Guest have to take a 23km slow drive up to the hill-top before reaching the tower. There's a toll of 50¢ for a car using this road (not always asked for).

  Great Hornbill - Gunung Raya

When arrived at the top, you will find, that there is no way to go around the top, because large parts are occupied by the Military and there is no access. If you want to have the 360° panoramic view – there is no other way, than going up the Tower.

A small premium of RM10 is charged by the operator, D'Coconut Hill Resort, to access it. The tower is 8 storey buildings high. To reach the top there is a lift  which can take a maximum of 10 people at a time. This is the highest peak on Langkawi Island - it is slightly more than 900 meters above sea level.

The breeze here is nice & cool. This is also a place to spot Great Hornbills & Giant Squirrels (Ratufa bicolour).

View from the Gunung RayaD'Coconut Hill Resort operates two restaurants here:

La Torre
Trattoria Toscana,
Italian & Wine Restaurant

Viet Lang,
Vietnamese Restaurant

Tel. (Both Rest.):  
013 227 7829

If you want to be sure, that a restaurant is open – give them a call before you go up there.
This place is far away from the buzzing life – and specially in the low season – it is very understandable, that they are not open all the time.

Trying to reach them by Phone just now (1 March 2010, 17.00), I got an automatic answer machine in Malay only . . .

If you go up by Motorbike, be aware that the road – in driving down – has some curves which lean to the wrong side and so are a bit difficult for motor bikes. Drive extremely slowly, specially the first few curves down.

Source: Trip Advisor, amended/expanded/updated by Mark

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By Kamila Delart

Having spent more than a year exploring Langkawi, people keep asking me about my very favorite spot. With sooo many beautiful sites around - not an easy question to answer!  But there is one place I feel magically attracted to.

GUNUNG RAYA - THE GREAT MOUNTAIN! While the remaining part of the island is made of sandstone and karstic limestone, the conical Gunung Raya at the center of the island consists of granite. Honored by ancient cultures as a sacred stone, the volcanic rock is said to exude a powerful grounding energy and promote abundance in every aspect of life. (One of the reasons why the mystical Pyramids are built from it!) I am not an expert when it comes to spiritual teachings; but there is something special about this place that makes me come back over and over again.